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    I'm sure I'm probably late on this one, but I picked up an amazing Woody Herman LP at the w/e called 'Giant Steps' on Fanatsy (1973).

    It has two utterly amazing hardcore funk tunes on it - an amazing super funky version of 'Freedom Jazz Dance' and a Richard Evans original called 'The First Thing I Do' which sounds as if it's from a '70s porn OST - massive beats and OTT wahwah. There's also such a blatant loop at the beggining of this tune that I can't believe someone hasn't already used it.  

    It's always Woody's 'The Raven Speaks' LP which I hear mentioned (great album too) but never this one, so I thought I'd give it a quick mention on the board.


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    Oooh - like a bit of Woody - cheers for the heads up on that one!

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      I got a spare copy if anyones up for a trade. About to compile a new trades list, got about 100 new items (a good deal of groovy soundtracks). Since I see alot of people interested in steelband lp's, I just found a spare copy of 21st century steel band with "heaven and hell" and "shaft".