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  • Teagarden & van winkle

    Apparently,they're similar to McDonald & Giles. Are they? How do they sound? Which albums are good?

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    i wouldn't agree with that similarity actually - teagarden and van winkle are a us duo - hammond and drums as i recall. sort of hippy-ish jazz/rock (but not jazz-rock) - i've got two of their lps - they do a storming retitled version of jimmy mcgriff's 'all about my girl' and they've also got a killer break on a top funky rock track called 'god, love and rock'n'roll'.
    as usual, the borderline books website has the info:
    We know when a mate buys it for you too.


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      I've got a couple of LPs - one's a live one I think  (both on Atco)

      The studio one has a massive screamin hammond version of Season of the Witch and some other choice moments.  The live one has some nice cuts too for either sampling or listening pleasure....From 69 or 70 I think.

      Sorry, not sure of the actual LP titles. But Id recommend checking their stuff out from that period.

      ...that reminds me -I must get back my copy of the "studio" LP off me mate if he's still got it...


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        Cheers, chaps. My confusion arose after Belson's confusion on the McDonald & Giles thread. Just to confuse you all.