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Dirty harry.....

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  • Devil McDOOM
    i saw it recently too, damn fine movie! noticed the end theme isnt on the reissue i have, rather wierd? probably the track i liked the most in the movie.

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  • Belson
    started a topic Dirty harry.....

    Dirty harry.....

    OK so I've just spent the last 2 hours watching this incredible film for the nth time.

    Now we all know how awesome the Schifrin soundtrack is but there's another piece of music in the film that I need an ID for.

    It's the robbery scene, Callaghan drives past the tan ford waiting outside the bank, on his way to Jaffes restaurant.

    Please, what is the music playing in the tan ford? Key lyric goes kinda like 'Halloween season is gone'. The music is still playing in the ford after it totals into the water hydrant.

    I've googled till I can google no more.


    Help a Belson out.