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    Hey, I've been listening to the local Hindi station for the last couple of hours because I happened to tune in when they were doing a Kalyanji Anandji tribute...

    Anyway my Hindi doesn't extend beyond randomly saying "heh" at the end of sentences so I don't really know what's going on, but what I gather from the deejay's occasional lapses into English is that the Kalyanji half of the duo is dead or dying (?&#33... anyway the deejay just finished the special with a statement "[something in Hindi] so we should all pray for Kalyanji"... wah!

    I love all that K-A stuff (including the more traditional sounding stuff) so whatever's going on I daresay it's a damn shame...

    UPDATE: It's on the real. R.I.P. Kalyanji! Guess I'll be playing out "Theme From Don" this week...