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    OK So Im clearing out the closet trying to find all my Jesus Christ Superstar lps for a possible article. Here is what I found.

    The Disciples - JCS (Contour) - Featured on this site before.

    Nick Ingman - JCS (Springboard) - I've lost mine but it was charted - Thanks to LDJB. My one was deffo polydor not springboard. Any ideas?

    Walter J Ridley - JCS (MFP)

    Bruce Baxter - JCS (Hallmark)

    ?? - JCS (Windmill)

    So I know I'm missing the Avenue one and the Percy Faith one.

    Actually I also know I'm missing the OST and the broadway cast one.

    And more ebay searching kicked up the MCA one.

    If anyone wants to chip in be my guest <- Changed URL

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    The Avenue one is the same as the Windmill one.

    The Disciples one is the same as the Avenue and Windmill but with different vocals.

    There&#39;s Boulevard LP split between Godspell and JCS - the JCS is incredibly cheap sounding, with a five piece band (bass, guitars, drums and some bloke with a Mellotron doing the orchestral parts), and a male vocalist doing &#39;I Don&#39;t Know How To Love Him&#39;, which is a girl&#39;s song&#33; Not that that track&#39;s worth bothering with anyway.....

    There&#39;s also the Zack Laurence version on Deram, with the most incredible cast of musicians ever (Alan Hawkshaw, Roger Coulam, Ray Davies, David McCallum, and Brian Bennett on backing vocals&#33, OK, but not my favourite.

    The Walter J Ridley one is excellent - shame the arranger/MD isn&#39;t credited. There&#39;s a later pressing which credits two of the vocalists, Mike Redway and Danny Street.

    I&#39;ve also got the French cast version (good), the London cast (also good) and the movie soundtrack.

    Worth looking out for is a single on CBS by the Al Capps orchestra which is an instrumental medley with some good bits in it.

    Max Greger&#39;s version of &#39;Superstar&#39; (on LP &#39;Trumpets, Trumpets, Trumpets&#39; on Polydor) is brilliant, too.


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      Nice one Mr T&#33; <- Changed URL


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        Oh, I forgot the version on Starline, by the New World Theatre Orchestra (with singers), recorded in Australia, arranged by Mike Perjanik (who did the theme tune to &#39;Home and Away&#39;&#33
        This one has some brilliant bass playing by one Valda Hammick, anyone heard of her (I assume she&#39;s female?)


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          I just found this link&#33; Hungarian...Danish...Mexican casts.

 <- Changed URL


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            I&#39;m not sure if its been mentioned yet, but there is the &quot;Soul if Jesus Christ&quot; on Lennox records. I can look around and see if I can fish out one from a local shop.
            Also does anyone know if they Polydor and Springboard versions of nick ingman&#39;s JCS are the same? I just got a copy of the springboard issue last week on Ebay


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              Was this one mentioned?

              DON GABOR
              Soul Of Jesus Christ Superstar (Lenox/Soultown)
              This is the last of the records that I bought in Chicago back in June during a summer trip. I couldnÂ’t really find anything out about the history of the record and the packaging is a bit confusing anyway as the cover and label have different info, but basically itÂ’s a soulful rendition of the Jesus Christ Superstar play. The delivery on tracks like Superstar and WhatÂ’s The Buzz? reminds me of some of the harder Motown releases, just really solid Soul. There are also those that lean towards Gospel like EverythingÂ’s All Right and Simon Zealots, and more traditional Broadway arrangements such as Hosanna. Not only is the singing solid, but there are also plenty of loopable parts like the beginning of the said Superstar and Heaven On Their Minds.


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                There&#39;s another french version on Riviera with Nino Ferrer, Eddy Mitchell etc. as singers and Ivan Jullien&#39;s Big Band on the background. It&#39;s probably the funkiest one I&#39;ve ever heard and it&#39;s a real collectible here in France.
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                  Didn&#39;t the Lemonheads do a version of one of the songs from Hair? Probably not really relevant though.
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                    Wierdly, Brian Dee&#39;s Happy Hammond version of Superstar is a right funky slice of cheese, even if the instrumentation is a bit minimal
                    (Brian and a drummer). I got the tip from one of Boogiejuice&#39;s hyperbolic decriptions. Worth 50p from your local charity, but not Boogie&#39;s GBP4.99
                    It ain&#39;t shakey


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                      Does it have to be the entire album dedicated to the musical, or just a few of the tracks from the show?


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                        ...Nice version of the title track on Buddy Rich&#39;s &#39;Different Drummer&#39;...
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                          That&#39;s what I was leading up to... what about John Keating&#39;s?


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                            let alone Mr. Ayres vesion of He&#39;s a Superstar...
                            Go on wit'cha bad elf


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                              ...and the unofficial remixes heard in all self-respecting 1970s playgrounds that went &#39;...prancing about in a ten-foot bra&#39; or &#39;driving through town in a Jaguar&#39; or whatever else we felt like adding to the tune. Dunno if those ever got recorded, though...
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