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Next hf&s ?

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  • Next hf&s ?

    Who on in September?

    Which dates ?

    Remind me please Nick old boy....I may have some types to bring down...


    - Cheebs

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    i think it's the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month, but Mr C had better confirm after Sermad's and my confusion last time...


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      a flash of inspiration from my memory bank just chucked up that Andy Smith is on the 18th - which could mean Color Climax on the 4th !?

      Am I right?

      The 2nd of October should see the Cheeba man with the Longos All Stars new line up, I believe...nice.


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        Thanks for reminding me... Below is the blurb for all the HF&S nights until Xmas. I may also arrange a one-off away from the Salmon, if I can work the numbers to have at least two live acts... BTW, it's gonna be £3 from Sept, hoping that won't put the crowds off

        Hot, Funky & Sweaty

        Every 1st & 3rd Thursday of the month. £3.

        September/October dates

        Thurs Sept 04
        HF&S is proud to present the super heavy Color Climax, live in a team-up with the launch of the beat-heavy Drama Suite reissue thatÂ’ll see C.C play some exclusive tracks from the, until now, elusive library LP. With guest DJ Ed "The Man" ( and freebies.

        Thurs Sept 18
        Andy Smith returns for the launch of his anticipated Document 2 mix, with literally anything and everything thrown in. Joining Andy will be Adam Leaver (Baby T Records) world renowned authority on funky 45s with a collection to match. This oneÂ’s gonna be big, more freebies!

        Thurs Oct 02
        Reverend Cleatus & The Soul Saviours play live, born from the ashes of the Longo Allstars in a blaze of hard edged, late 60s style funk and one of the first live appearances for the new outfit, making history here with support from the one and only Si Cheeba.

        Thurs Oct 16
        Celebrating the launch of their debut album on Catskills Records, (launches mean freebies) BrightonÂ’s Black Grass make a trip to the filth to spin a funk laden web of the heavy heavy. With support from guest DJ, Tim Partridge, this is gonna be one helluva party down funk up!

        Thurs Nov 06
        Following their blinding session last August, Mr Güder makes a welcome return to HF&S, their funked up version of a certain S Club 7 tune is just too good to miss! We’ve also brought back the mighty Greg Belson, dropping bombs y’all

        Thurs Nov 20
        Fresh from their UK tour that included Deepfunk, Jelly Jazz and Motherfunk, Bartfader & Taco Fett have been coaxed back from their Amsterdam based, funk filled StruttinÂ’ nights by HF&S. Expect some seriously funky 45s to make the flight over!

        Thurs Dec 04
        The mighty Boogaloo Investigators drop in on HF&S to deliver a JB/Charles Wright Orleans flavoured slabÂ’oÂ’funk on our southern asses! Heavy on the hammond and as hard as hell, you donÂ’t wanna miss this!

        Thurs Dec 18
        The HF&S Christmas special. WeÂ’ve got the cauldron brewing up something super-nice to funk the year out. CanÂ’t tell you yet, but rest assured, itÂ’ll be heavy heavy on the breakbeatrare dust up...


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          A quick announcement to say that Speedometer will be playing live at HF&S on Nov 06. Unfortunately, that means that our own Mr Guder will have to reschedule for a later date... I just couldn't pass up the opp for these dudes, as they're out of towners...

          I'll amend the blurb soon. Greg, you still up for playing with these dudes? It'll be another squeeze though!



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            Originally posted by [b
            Quote[/b] (Nick Cope @ Aug. 29 2003,13:17)]Greg, you still up for playing with these dudes? It'll be another squeeze though!
            Deffo, mate.

            The missus rather likes the Speedometer sound - yeah, I'll spin some around the set, for sure.


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              I'm pleased to announce that HF&S is gonna be free for a while longer!

              That means you get to witness the mighty Color Climax for nowt! As well as sets from myself, Ed and


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                Nick, that's great news! Nice one chap!

                This week I shall be mostly spinning the 80s equivalent of 'Our Tune'.

                Or then again, maybe not.
                Chops for show, groove for dough.


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                  Oh Lord I hope not!


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                    Please spam everyone with this! Remember its FREEEEEEE BABY!

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                      So while Ed and Nick bring the choice selections Sermad, you&#39;ll be playing &#39;The Final Countdown&#39;, &#39;Ice Ice Baby&#39; and &#39;Come On Eileen&#39;?&#33;?

                      You freeking scientologists are all the same, quible, dribble and then demand ice creams. Ohhhhhhhhhhh.


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                        Hell yeah&#33; Include &#39;New York, New York&#39; and &#39;Jump Around&#39; and possily misteeq.
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                          Thusday??? when&#39;s that


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                            You must have read that wrong mate
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                              you sly bugger&#33;