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  • Dance centre educational records

    I've managed to find three good titles on this label, all are Jazz/funk instrumentals for use in teaching 'Modern Dance' released some time in the 70's. The titles I have are:

    Molly Molloy - Rock Dance (DCG006)

    Nikki Cole - Contemporary Dance Beginners Vol 1 (DC020)

    Nikki Cole - Elementary Modern Dance (DC023)

    Dance Centre was based in England; I've also seen a couple of Ballet music lp's on this label but naturally they are the usual solo piano rubbish, of no interest to me. Is there any others worth finding? The three I have listed all have some very fine numbers indeed..

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    Molly Molloy - Rock Dance  (DCG006)

    I've been looking for this *forever*, but I thought it was on Gamba ? been looking for the wrong thing
    Matt Hero


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      You're right, it is on Gamba. on the back cover it reads "Dance Centre and Gamba Educational Records". For some reason they dropped the Gamba on the later releases. I could do with another copy myself, mines got a nasty little warp on it. Playable but very annoying. But wotta record!


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        Not on that label, but I have this 45 which was recorded for dance instruction.

        Light Up The Town Medley/Soul Makossa Medley (Statler)
        Statler Records apparently released this 45 to be used for dance instruction purposes. Light Up The Town Medley is made up of pop tunes. ThereÂ’s actually a drum break followed by the bass in the middle that shows the band could get down. ThatÂ’s followed up with a drum break at the beginning of Soul Makossa thatÂ’s given a much more spacey take than usual. The one draw back is the female-male vocals during the chorus are off key.

        And if you want insturmental instructional LPs, Jamey Aebersold had a whole series of them covering specific artists and styles. I have one consisting of Herbie Hancock songs.