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  • Montparnasse

    Fookin' ell, some geezers offered me a load 'o' them fookin'
    library rekkids KPM's and the like, now the geezer reckons he's got some Montparnasse platters, 'an as i know fook' all about that particular label, i would like some guidance, like a fookin' 20,000 watt fookin' searchlight to pierce through the shite, 'an let me know 'what are the platters that matter'?
    Sermad mate, what do i look out for?? (tangent- this geezer used to work in radio 'an reckons Kenny Everrett used to use Montparnasse librarys for the keeerrraaazzyy fookin' Moog bits on his errr radio show, but like i say i may as well be Terry fookin' fuckwitt when it comes to stuff like that, cos i really do not have a fookin' clue&#33
    derelicts of dialect

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    i dunno if you heard the track "montparnasse" on my album or whatever, but it's a tribute (as well as being a gainsbourg reference). i don't think i've heard a dodgy one yet on that label!  

    get us a few, will you?


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      Cheers wooly, i've got yer first lp...somewhere..erm i'd like ta hear yer newie 'an all....sounds good mate!, thanks fer the advice!, knowing my luck tho' i'll get a load of '110 short sting's for radio links' or summat...fook it!
      derelicts of dialect


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        bloody hell, that sounded like an advert - it wasn't meant to, though.  

        i'm sure sermad will point you in the right direction of specific examples of good montparnasse libs!

        how come you keep bumping into people with massive soundtrack collections and (now) someone offloading a load of libraries? jammy sod!  


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          Pulpflavor They have loads of Montparnasse reissues w/ sound clips


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            If you run into any Janko Nilovic doubles, I'm your man. He is my personal Jesus, along with a few other Frenchies

            Actually, we needs a Jesus smilie?
            I was raised by wolves


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              Originally posted by [b
              Quote[/b] (La-Soul-Fiend @ Aug. 27 2003,09:39)]Actually, we needs a Jesus smilie?
              The only sure and foreseeable attribute of human affairs is their unforseeability; hence the trivialility of all the attempts in order to reduce the human action to a single reason, even interest.
              Albert O. Hirschman (The concept of interest: from euphemism to tautology/1986)


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                here are some good ones on the mp label:

                Janko Nilovic: rythmes contemporains (his best imho)
                G.Levecque/C.Romat: africadelic's the name N°1 / N° 2
                Janko Nilovic: un couple dans la ville
                Guy Pedersen: bass+bass+bass
                Jacky Giordano: pop in...devil's train Ronnie Halzerhurst: Ben the big one (1 tracker)
                lots of Janko Nilovic: supra pop impressions / vocal impressions / psyh imp......soul imp... /pop shopin.....

                there are alot of moog lp's on mp by P.Prilly (aka jj perry ) but i am not a big moog fan....

                will have to check at home for more info.....


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                  Cheers (again) for the wealth of info, i think the geezer said there were some moog 'type' lp's in there somewhere. I'll keep an eye out for the other bit's tho'.
                  anyway this dude phoned me up cos he'd seen me name and number in a local charity's 'wants' book (a scruffy little a4thing kept under the counter so dealers 'an joe public alike can leave there 'wants' lists should anything come into the shop, i do this in quite a few charity shops, and blow me down sometimes it works, top tip non?).
                  i'm havin a fookin' run of good luck at the mo', and therefore must be due to clean up on the fookin' lottery, so i've ordered the Lear jet and Cote 'd azure hideway, where i shall join llmod in the lap of fookin' luxury whereby we will be fed grapes by scantily clad maidens, whilst bathing in asses milk and lookin' down on all the rest of youse lot, and laughing in our luxuriant splendour.:laugh: ........oh and then i fookin' woke up!
                  derelicts of dialect