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    after picking a spare of The Orchestrah LP on philips this weekend i gave it another spin and some of the orig tracks are rather nice, particularly 'Sunfire'...anyone got a clue about the bloke behind the thing, a certain mr Hewson? its a very curious LP indeed...not noticed his name elsewhere...

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    Whilst I can offer no help here I will concurr that it is a strange LP - it's one of those one's where I can't decide if I like it or not - know what I mean?
    "..hole...road...middle thereof"


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      i've got the first Orchestrah LP (black cover, with red and blue shaded writing - is that the same one?). the liner notes have a brief bio of him, but forget what they say now, and the record is still at my parents. wasn't particularly impressed with it but not listened to it for years. will have to check it out again...

      is his name Richard Hewson? Google turns up quite a bit about him... Paul McCartney's Thrillington, for one (anyone have that?)