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    At last found another Telefunken LP thats on a par with Werner Muller's 'strip goes on'...been enticed by the lush dolly on the cover of many a Telefunken only to find ultra-cheesy cinema stylee hammond on the grooves, but splashing out pence on 'Jump In' by Chris Bruhn proved to be a good idea! its flippin' ace! best version of Gauntanamera ever!!! plus a handful more groove-monsters...

    first-anyone know who chris bruhn was...
    second-any other recomended Telekunken bits ('cept Evil Klaus!!&#33

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    on telefunken:
    there's the nice "trip" lp.... a german psych opera wich is realy amazing (with funky breaks !&#33
    a shame that there a a bit too much german spoken tracks..
    but getting quite rare


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      Very pleased to bag "the strip goes on" on Monday ! why has this eluded me for so long !?!? "My sweet Gangster" what the fuh............


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        Chris Bruhn - legendary German Schlagermusik composer, resopnsible for a considerable proportion of the German hit parade in the 60s and 70s. Also did a lot of film, TV and advert soundtracks - check out the two 'Popshopping' comps for some of his best works.

        On Telefunken - Guitarist Harald Winkler is usually worth a pop, as are Norman Candler's Magic Strings (a huge string section with some nice funky bits), there are probably a few more - when I can think of them, I'll let you know.


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          A shop nearby has three or four Norman Candler LPs on offer, but the tracklists don't look too promising: all a bit slushy romantic in nature (eg: an LP themed on girls' names, 'candler by candlelight', that sort of thing). Any suggestions as to what to be looking out for there? Does he funk up the slush often enough to be worth a quid a go?
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            Don't know the others, but Candler By Candlelight is worth having if you can stomach smoove orchestral grooves, a bit like Love Unlimited Orch (in fact, doesn't it have Love's Theme on it?). Stand out is Norman's own Candy with some funky guitar action but there there's more on there. I really like the Francis Lai meets Pearl & Dean vocals at the beginning of one of the classical tracks. Just don't expect really beaty funk.

            Given that it patently isn't his real name, what made him plump for the showbiz moniker Norman?
            It ain't shakey


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              Good info as always Lord Thames!!! must remember a few more names off that Popshopping LP, lest they crop up...Norman Candler does an OK version of My Sweet Lord on one of those magic strings LP's if i remember right...he is VERY cheesy though...certainly not more than pence to be spent there...


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                Originally posted by [b
                Quote[/b] (dr kraken @ Aug. 29 2003,13:28)]Given that it patently isn't his real name, what made him plump for the showbiz moniker Norman?
                His real name's Gerhard Narholz, but he seems to hate his name, as he has loads of aliases (Candler, Walt Rockman, Benito Gonzales, George Winters etc.)
                His stuff is a bit heavy on the strings (he had 48 violins in his orchestra!&#33, but I like that - and every so often he surprises you with a nice funky bassline - his version of 'Laura' on the 'Girls I Have Known' LP has a nice riff tacked onto it that bears no relation to the tune itself.
                His version of the much-covered 'Love Is Blue' is my personal fave too.
                He's not to everyone's taste, obviously, but there's some good stuff hidden away there, I think.


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                  i think i've got a spare telefunken sampler lp if anyones interested? it's got my sweet lord on it.

                  it's free by the way.
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