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Brillo fresh transatlantic trade - help!

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  • Brillo fresh transatlantic trade - help!

    So my man Tim came back from with good vibes and a couple records of for me - the Coulam joint we all know and love and a Rediffusion sampler that includes the groovy "Sort of Soul" from BIRDS'N'BRASS.

    One of you gave these fine platters to Tim as a gift - well done! The catch is that he doesn't play vinyl, so he gave them to me under the condition that I reciprocate with equally nice vinyl to them what gave him the black stuff.

    So generous one - reveal thyself and I'll send you something Coulam-worthy.

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    haha, that was me. a few beers and trans-atlantic vinyl love starts flowing...

    i figured everyone here would have those two, but since they're UK-only goodies one of you Chapel Hill lot might fancy them...


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      "spead love... dah, da dah..."