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  • The rapture

    Got these guys new cd today too and im giving it a blast at home. Quite thrashy guitars meets sloppy bassed up funk. Some of it is really decent and some of it is shite. So maybe check out the singles first.

    Saw a guardian review of it - weird how they mention gang of four but no 'a certain ratio' in the part about 80's uk punk funk bands.

    With the 'yeah yeah yeahs' and now 'the rapture' I wonder how many other no wave influenced bands are going to appear.

    Did anyone hear about 'liquid liquid' doing a recent tour? I wonder what that was like! <- Changed URL

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    Liquid Liquid live? They were totally great, they played up here at a night called Optimo, so as you can imagine when they played Optimo the place erupted. The band looked like they were really enjoying themselves - mind you, they were probably used to playing to a handful of bored punks back in the day...
    There MUST be a Hymns-A-Swingin' in this box...