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  • Rubberneckin'


    Paul <insert word sounding like punt> oakenfold has remixed Elvis Presley's Rubberneckin in a back to '98 Fatboy pish stylee!!!


    Thats my fave Elvis tune and now some highly paid tit has arsed it up. I bet ole fatboy turned this one down - Maybe he was too busy cheesing up the rolling stones <- Changed URL

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    back to &#39;98? that makes it all seem so long ago. like a distant memory. i must be getting old.  

    did the charities treat you well today serm? i had a disasterous afternoon.  


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      Came up dryer then my throat after sifting through about 100 boxes while gargling a hair dryer&#33;

      Um. got a labbe siffre record and a van otterloo one. <- Changed URL


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        Hey Serm, that geezer came up trumps fer me, coupled with a few charities i scored
        JJ Perrey Moog Generation Montparnasse 27
        Various Start the day right Amphonic
        Various Flamboyant themes vol 2 KPM1038
        various Soft horizons KPM1140
        various Beat incidentall KPM1043
        various The sound of pop KPM1015
        various Colours in rhythm KPM1029
        and the killer-
        Hawkshaw/Mansfield Soul organ showcase KPM1029 (this one alone, kind of makes the whole thing worthwhile)
        not bad considerin&#39; the dude was gonna chuck these in a skip&#33;&#33;&#33; he also had about half a dozen eighties KPM&#39;s of no use to man nor beast, so after chatting with him for 45 mins i offered him a fiver fer the lot. He was a real gent and i asked him to see if any of his mates (who work in the broadcasting industry) had any librarys they might wanna offload&#33;.
        then popped into a few charities &#39;an got-
        Jim Webb Soul Symphony Up up and away Stereo gold..
        Carlini&#39;s world of strings Million seller hits of 69 Stereo gold
        Jack Jones sings Michel Legrand same RCA Victor 71&#39;
        Hair Galt Mc Dermott/Graham Walker sound World wide/Saga
        Raymond Lefevre 12 shades of... Barclay
        Peter Nero Say, has anybody seen my sweet gipsy rose? CBS 73&#39;
        then i had to bomb back to my place for 12;30, walk the dog and the kids, take the smallest one down the park, come back and cook fookin&#39; tea&#33;&#33;. (we need a &#39;knackered&#39; ikon&#33.
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          do you think they&#39;re going to go through the Vinylvulture site for these travesties? i hope they don&#39;t start on the funky Tom Jones catalogue next...

          did you go to Clapham in the end, Sermad? i meant to post and tell you that it was completely dry a few weeks ago, but we were rearranging our office and so wasn&#39;t online. a bit better was taking a bus from Clapham down to Peckham, and there&#39;s a bootsale on saturdays in a churchyard just before you get into Peckham. the Lavender Hill end of Clapham was totally dry too btw

          (presume that wasn&#39;t &#39;Remember My Song&#39;...? )


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            Did get some paint tho  

            Thanks to Mr Hopkinson for the inspiration...

   <- Changed URL


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              ooof mundays those are right heavy hitters - sound of pop, beat incidental and soul organ showcase...niiiiice.
     <- Changed URL


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                a fiver for the lot?? nice one&#33;


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                  Cheers lads, yeah could&#39;nt quite believe it mesel&#39;, he was a nice old bloke tho&#39; and i didnt mind sitting there listenin&#39; to him waffle on fer 45 mins, actually he had some interesting yarns to spin about KPM xmas parties that they were invited to (cos this dude used to work for LBC radio) whereby the &#39;house&#39; band for the evenings entertainment...... well lets just say that library &#39;supergroup&#39; would be an accurate description, he reckoned that on piano would be mr Mansfield, bass Mr H Flowers, and so on... you can guess the rest, altho i&#39;m not sure that the playin&#39; would be that tight as the evenin&#39; wore on knowarramean&#33;. It just shows that if yer take a bit of time ter TALK to people in a friendly way, with a pleasant manner, this can pay dividends&#33;.
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                    you got that lot for a fiver?

                    i give up. that&#39;s it, i&#39;m off.


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                      I know, i know i reckon like me mam used ter say i&#39;ve got the &#39;gift of the gab&#39; or summat, and like i said in an earlier thread, most charities have these &#39;wants&#39; books, so you can go in and write in &#39;em what you&#39;re lookin&#39; for, now 9 times out of 10 yer gonna get no joy, but i&#39;ve put my name in about 5 of these books
                      over the last six months and this is the first response i&#39;ve had, so the ratio isn&#39;t high, but it could turn up some real goodies, it&#39;s just pot luck really, i have to do the charity/car boot route cos i&#39;m skint most of the time really, and can ill afford a huge &#39;bay splurge (having said that, i am a bit flush at the mo&#39; and am after a few bits on the dreaded &#39;bay).
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                        Originally posted by [b
                        Quote[/b] (sermad @ Aug. 30 2003,16:24)]WTF&#33;&#33;&#33;  

                        Paul &lt;insert word sounding like punt&gt; oakenfold has remixed Elvis Presley&#39;s Rubberneckin in a back to &#39;98 Fatboy pish stylee&#33;&#33;&#33;


                        Thats my fave Elvis tune and now some highly paid tit has arsed it up.
                        I got sent the 12&quot; a few weeks ago. I didn&#39;t mention it on here because it didn&#39;t deserve the publicity. It really is the most pointless record *ever* (ver-ver-ver)
                        And I saw the video on SM:TV this morning and THAT WAS EVEN WORSE&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;

                        Have a word BMG, if you&#39;re going to spend all this money on getting mixes done, at least give it to some semi talented people in the first place ...
                        I just don&#39;t understand the logic behind getting someone like Paul Oakenfold to remix it it - it sounds nothing like any of his stuff. His &#39;fans&#39; (ahem) won&#39;t buy it, and Elvis fans won&#39;t have a clue who he is anyway....

                        Hmmm, I wonder if he was actually anywhere near the studio when the engineer was doing the remix for him    

                        Also spotted on SM:TV :
                        JET - almost verging on Rutles / Tap parody territory. Made me chuckle anyway.

                        GARETH GATES - gone all Jamiroquai-lite, sporting too many session guitarists, a female percussionist,female drummer AND one of these  

                        ELTON - it&#39;s number one, and the video was a nice bit of animation with some session footage of Elton wearing a hat and big &#39;ole headphones  

                        Erm, sorry for the ranting ...

                        P.S If I had a pound for the number of times I&#39;ve been called Dr.Rubberneck, I&#39;d have bought the Elvis back catologue off BMG and saved us all the trauma of more rubbish remixes
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                          It makes you wonder what ecatly those who own Elvis&#39; back catalogue think they are gaining from this ? Do they really think it is going to generate back catalogue sales ? Are there remaining artifcats in Gracelands than need Rhinestones adding ?

                          Attention poor quality remixers. Stay away from &#39;Clean Up Your Own Backyard&#39;. I have a range of garden tools, some of them powered and I&#39;m not afraid to use them in anger.
                          Matt Hero


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                            Sorry to deviate from the original thread so, i agree with Serm,
                            it&#39;s not nice when this happens to one of yer fave tunes, i was very annoyed at that Pepe Delux ripping off Tony Hatch (&#39;out of this world&#39; i think) as all they seemed to do was sample the whole phrase an stick a bloody break/bassline underneath it, no imagination, just common theft in my book.
                            Oh yeh &#39;an Paul Oakenfold is a tit&#33;.
                            derelicts of dialect


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                              with a fookin&#39; T Nice one mate, it&#39;s great when some big guns drop on yer lap like that i&#39;m chuffed for ya &#33;

                              Off ta see an old bird tomorrow about her nephews &quot;Reggae &amp; Ska&quot; thats been in the garage fer years.&quot;He used to DJ you know &#33;?&quot; Bo