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  • Back to the old skool!

    Right back from my hols, had a great time, loads of diving etc.

    Anyway hit my charities today and saw my back room bitches who have been hoarding over the summer for me. So here we go!

    Ebay Buys Waiting for me


    Erotica - Rita
    Life - Cat's Eyes
    Cozy Powell - AndThen There was Skin


    Les Mogol - Dances and Rhythms of Turkey - Some heavy tracks on here. Anyone know this?

    The Silhouettes - Conversations with - been after this for yonks and I'm not disappointed.

    Records from a lot I won

    S.O.U.L. - What is it - Original copy but a little knackered, cover good, record vg-

    Ramsey Lewis - Upendo Ni Pamoja - Double

    General Crook

    Dramatics - The Jackpot

    MFSB - The Gamble Huff Orch

    Freddie Hubbard - Polar AC

    Ronnie Laws - Fever

    Herbie Mann - Glory of Love

    Bob James - 3 (Double)

    Todays Charity Finds

    Kool and the Gang - Summer Madness (7&quot

    Henry Mancini - Big Screen Little Screen - Shaft and Ironside

    Birds and Brass - Soundsational - American Woman, Sort of Soul, Soul BossaNova, etc

    Faces - A Nods as Good as a Wink

    Parade of Pops - 2001 Cover version

    Minnie Ripperton - S/T

    Georgie Fame - Georgie Does his thing with Strings

    Stone Roses - She Bangs the Drums (Double)

    The Frank Stafford Trio - Variations - Great modal jazz

    Helmut Zacharias - Light my Fire - Naturally Stoned (Double)

    Various - Wowie Zowie, The world of Progressive Music - John Cameron, Keef Hartley, Johnny Almond

    John Williams - The Height Below - Beats! (Double)

    Eric Delany - S/T - Big Drums as you'd expect, great version of Watermelon Man amongst others.

    Tony Hatch - Latin Velvet - Nice cover of The Theme from Bedazzled.

    Ferrante and Teicher - In aSoulful Mood - Listen Love, Christo Redentor

    Avon Cities - Blue Funk - Anyone kow this? Great and different versions of tracks from JC Superstar.

    Ravi Shankar/Ali Akbar - Alla Rakha

    Tom Clay - What the World Needs - Any info on this much appreciated. Instrumental versions with either Tom talking over the top or news reports of the day. Bit freaky actually as I just got back from Vietnam and most of the tracks focus on this part of history.

    Meditations in Indian Sitar Music

    Dick Hyman - Disco theque

    KPM's - Shapes in Percussion/ Playing With Fire

    De la Soul - Eye Know (Double)

    Herbie Hancock - Hardrock (12&quot inc. DST Megamix

    Stan Getz / Burt Bacharach - The Special Magic of

    Sylvia Vrethammar - Y Viva Espana - (Double)

    Dusty Springfield - Everythings Coming Up

    Donovan - What's Bin Did and What's Bin Hid

    Bought about 150 7" for £20. Mainly 50, 60 and 70's. Checked the lot in Record Collector and mint price for the lot is over £700!!

    And Finally.....

    Johnny Harris - Movements - First original copy found for me in a charity (got mine cheap from a dealer years ago) I can't believe these are still out there!

    Hope the rest of you were lucky this weekend

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    grrr, you bastard etc etc.

    anyway, the Tom Clay is good. the title track was a fairly big Motown hit in the US i think - he was a radio deejay by the way. didn't realise there was a whole LP of that stuff...


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      a disasterous day - made worse by that little lot!!! bastard!


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        That Ramsey Lewis is nice, but mines a single lp??? what that about then?, don't fancy doin' me a copy of that Bird 'n' Brass do yer mate, i lost one of those in a fire!, pretty please? 'an what's that Georgie Fame like?, i'm always partial to a bit of Georgie.
        derelicts of dialect


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          Sorry, when I said double, Imeant that I have a spare


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            Ah,that'll be it then!, i trust you had a rather excellent holiday,
            not helped by the fact you now have to return to work!....arrrrgggghh!.
            derelicts of dialect


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              Illmod -How much did you have to pay for the Silhouettes lp?I've just got the reissue and it's fantastic.Lovely vocals,proto d&b on 'Question Why?' and as my mate commented , a drummer who sounds like Jaki Liebezeit on a few tracks.Not forgetting the fuzz vibes a la Stark Reality.One of my recent favourites fo' sho'.
              Back to Neuuuuuuuuuu!


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                Can't quite remember exactly what I paid for the Silhouettes lp as I got it around 8 weeks ago before I went on my hols. Think it was around $60 which I was well pleased with as I had been trying to get an original for yonks.


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                  50p for me   A wonderful LP !


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                    How much?!! I thought it was a 'holy grail' item.Well done.
                    Back to Neuuuuuuuuuu!


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                      Originally posted by [b
                      Quote[/b] (Mumbles @ Aug. 31 2003,20:59)]How much?!! I thought it was a 'holy grail' item.Well done.
                      Shit comes around though don't it !? Like that Ananda Shankar & stuff, they're sought after bits but when you're blessed on that particular day they land in yer lap from faraway shores