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Dj shadow saxaphone sample

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  • Dr Rubberfunk
    I think Shawn Phillips is the vocal, I seem to remember there being a track called 'Voice Of The Saxophone' used in there somewhere, so that could be it

    Check out - I'm sure the answer will be there


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    Guest started a topic Dj shadow saxaphone sample

    Dj shadow saxaphone sample

    Hi there, great site

    I'll get right to it then -

    On "What does your soul look like part 2" by dj shadow, IÂ’m looking for that beautiful saxophone solo that occurs about half way through (7 mins and 37 seconds through)
    This isnÂ’t for sampling purposes; I just want to listen to it in full as I really love that sound, realy quite amazing.

    Any help to who the artist is and lp album title would be great as ive been looking for this for quite a while (and i know alot of you are quite knowledable in this field)

    Thankyou very much