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  • Carnaby st!

    So whats going on with this Carnaby St record? It seems to be tracks off the Flamboyant Themes I & II KPM libraries but as a proper release.

    Anyone have any more info? Any others on the label worth looking for? <- Changed URL

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    Basically it&#39;s a bunch of KPM Mansfield tracks, bolstered with a couple of recent Eurovision covers (done by Keith), bunged out on a commercially available label, presumably as some kind of touristy cash-in.

    The Carnaby label was founded by Mervyn Conn, and released a few singles, but as far as I&#39;m aware didn&#39;t last very long. The only other band I can recall who appeared on Carnaby were The Portobello Explosion, but there were some others.

    This LP is also notable for featuring the KPM stuff in stereo - the KPM LPs were only in mono at the time.

    My friends at Recur Records did a CD re-issue recently, boosted with some bonus KPM material, which is definitely worth picking up.