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Nick ingman - 'love themes'

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  • Nick ingman - 'love themes'

    Just got this 1970 Polydor Stereo Muscale LP - does anyone know if it's the same one that appeared on 'Circle Of Sound' later?

    Slightly interestingly, it got a new (seven-figure) catalogue number at some point in its life - mine has a sticker with it on over the old six-figure one. (222 010 and 2418 014)

    It's also got a nice shiny cover, needless to say it's scuffed to bits like all nice shiny covers are!

    Tracks (for those who care) are:
    Rhapsody in Blue
    Love theme from 'Romeo and Juliet'
    As Long As He Needs Me
    Parfait Amour
    Moonlight Melody
    Where Is The Summertime
    How Soon
    The Good Life

    Any ideas, anyone?

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    The one on this here site mentions a track called 'saffron'? But that is the 'Love Album' and not 'Love Themes'.

    At first glance its not on your one. <- Changed URL


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      Ah, right, that&#39;ll be the feller then. Ta.
      I&#39;d have been able to find this out myself, but the copy of &#39;The Love Album&#39; I found recently had a Richard Clayderman LP in it instead&#33;


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        I managed to find that Nick Ingman LP in a Thrift shop that was next dor to some project housing in the middle of the L.A. Ghetto, always wondered how that LP made it all the way from the UK to that place.
        How is this Nick Ingman in comparrison to his other LP&#39;s?


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          Well its not high up my list of records to find

          ok so we have :-

          Moody - The Gentle Rain - Amazingly rare (why???) kind of latin jazz funk fusion. Its very good in places - kind of like Placebo (a little).

          Power Pack - Soul Cure - Brilliant groovy pop instrumentals. Loads of big hammond numbers. Some ace covers.

          Big Beat - (deWolfe Library) - Very very good library. Not &#39;beaty&#39; at all. Some excellent takes on cop show style funk and some psyche inbetween. Really grows on you this one.

          Terminator - Havent listened to this in months but it was fairly decent. Nice &#39;come together&#39; cover if I remember rightly.

          Um thats it for now...
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