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  • Oxfam on the 'bay

    I might be behind the times on this, but I was having a butchers at eBay during my lunch break at work today and saw Oxfam had an auction of LPs (including a very nice Dudley Moore jazz LP)!

    I just couldn't believe that they'd gone as far as to actually bother putting LPs on the 'bay! Wow - that's taking things just a little bit too far for a charity shop I think!

    Anyway, I shouldn't complain too much as I got a lovely mint copy of John Gregory's 'Gregory Conducts The Sounds Of Today' LP (Phillips 1973) w/ 'A Face In The Clouds' on it out of my local branch last week!

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    Oxfam have been doing this for a while with books, using I think Yahoo auctions.

    Fair play to them, they've got to get as much as they can out of any donation.
    Matt Hero


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      I say fair play to them if only they sifted through all the crap in their stores for me - so I don't have to waste 20 minutes looking through 5 racks of dusty shit only to pay a £1 privilege for another Contour I don't really want but have to because I might as well buy something

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        Going off at a bit of a tangent here but the other day in Oxfam I saw TATU- &#39;They&#39;re not gonna get us&#39; 12&quot; for £10&#33; I thought that was ever so slightly expensive...


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          Ah, the return of a classic thread&#33; Yep, they&#39;re still trying to shift the Simply Red 12&quot;s in the &#39;collectable records&#39; box at £4.99 each last time I looked, but they had a copy of the gatefold &#39;Quintessence&#39; LP for £9.99 not long ago too: not a bad price if it was in decent nick (being strapped, I didn&#39;t torment myself). Like Matt said, good luck to them getting the value of their stock, but if only they&#39;d be more realistic sometimes about what that value is...items are still languishing after a full month at £3.99 that I&#39;d probably have taken a punt on at £1 - but good luck to them: rather see the cash in Oxfam&#39;s pocket than Boogiejuice&#39;s. Think of the possibilities of all those Oxfam Des O&#39;Connor rareties we keep leaving behind on the &#39;bay...they could rebuild several countries on the proceeds of those alone&#33;
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            ...yeah, I was in Oxfam today and shrieked with horror when the store manager informed me of this strategy. But, you cant blame them as they really do have to generate as much profit as humanly [and sometimes inhumanly? possible] and they have to face daily struggles to uplift their slightly hackneyed rep and do battle with countless competitors, all after your dosh. I&#39;ve done lots of voluntary work for several big charities and believe me, they can be ruthless when it comes down to buisness but they are ultimately under the influence of the often isolated store managers, who frequently pose as little Hitlers, running around their ivory towers doing their best to flex muscle and undo everybody else&#39;s efforts to add some oomph to the store. The manager of my local is a rather excellent example of this type, concealing anything that arrives at the store, which seems remotely interesting. Friday I walked into the shop and overheard a conversaton on Indian rarities and knowing two of the shop assistants, joined in. The manager proudly announced in a loud voice, from the back of the store that he was &quot;holding&quot; several &quot;very hot items&quot; and when I asked to see them in order to possibly help price them appropriately he replied with a wry smile, &quot;oh no you dont&#33; I know you want them. I&#39;m holding them for a very famous customer who is a DJ&quot;&#33;
            WTF ?
            I was actually trying to support their attempts at making a decent sale? Go figure................?
            I was raised by wolves


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              ha hah&#33; You won&#39;t get that shite my way. Seriously the nutters round the Dalston oxfam are legend. Oh and its now open 11-4 on sundays? Since when did oxfams open on sundays? Any elses?
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                Ha&#33; la soul fiend, i know what you&#39;re saying...

                oxfam managers do get some funny ideas when it comes to pricing, still you do get the odd bargain, especially if you are after stuff like hip-hop which does come into charity shops quite a lot and most of the staff don&#39;t have a clue about.

                i think the oxfam music shops are often a rip off if you are looking for charity shop bargains but they still price up cheaper than most second hand shops..?



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                  Originally posted by [b
                  Quote[/b] (green man @ Sep. 03 2003,01:27)]i think the oxfam music shops are often a rip off if you are looking for charity shop bargains but they still price up cheaper than most second hand shops..?
                  That&#39;s a good point, and one I will use next time we have a &#39;discussion&#39; on this subject - which seems to be every couple of months or so

                  As correctly pointed out, lots of these shops run on behalf of various charaties, are actually run like &#39;little kingdoms&#39; by their managers and staff and woe betide you if you transgress whatever petty little rules they decide to inforce.

                  I&#39;ve been asked in one shop, not to handle the vinyl (while checking condition) in case I &#39;damage&#39; the stock, been castigated for taking up too much room in an otherwise empty shop while going through crates stacked on the floor. I&#39;ve also been told off for removing piles of 45s from crates, where they had just been thrown in, so that I could go through them carefully.... &#39;I hope you&#39;re not going to just leave those there...&#39;.

                  The best arguement I have overheard was in my local Salvation Army store. A bloke wanted to buy a portable cd/tape machine, and asked if he could just test it. The &#39;assistant&#39; replied that it had already been tested. The bloke replied that while it had been tested for electrical safety (as the certificate said), that testing didn&#39;t guarantee that the unit functioned fully.....

                  &#39;So can I just try it now ?&#39;
                  &#39;No, it works, it&#39;s been tested. I told you&#39;&#39;
                  &#39;So if I get it home and it doesn&#39;t work can I bring it back ?&#39;
                  &#39;No returns on electrical items&#39;
                  &#39;But how do I know it works ?&#39;
                  &#39;It&#39;s been tested. I&#39;ve told you three times&#39;
                  &#39;But that is just for safety, I want to test the CD player works ok, so can I just.....?&#39;
                  &#39;No. Nobody is allowed to test electrical items.&#39;
                  &#39;So, how do I know it works ?&#39;

                  Etc. I was in the store for 15 minutes, and still they were stuck in this loop when I left.
                  Matt Hero