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  • Pucho & the latin soul brothers

    Scuse my ignorance on all matters boogaloo (not quite sure what that is...) related but I'm been loving Si Cheeba's sets at HF&S and his wicked CD he gave me the other week!

    Nice one cheebs because the boogaloo faith has found a new follower! So can anyone recommend any cheapy 45's that are fairly groovy and will get me started.

    And whats all this about Pucho? Si you were telling me the ones to get last time but I forgot...Too much (Can we have a stella with lime top icon please) <- Changed URL

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    A great Pucho and Latin Soul Brothers track is &#39;got myself a good man&#39;. Really nice track with plenty of funky flutes and some killer breaks. It was reissued on BGP a while back with Rusty Briant - Fire Eater on the flip. I&#39;m afraid thats about all I can offer as I&#39;m not particularly clued up about this stuff either. I&#39;d definately recommend picking up this track though, it always gets people dancing.


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      Nice one tomj. Where you from?

      Welcome to the board btw&#33; <- Changed URL


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        Serms - the LPs you want are &quot;Heat&quot; (Psychedelic Pucho), &quot;Jungle Fire&quot; (Got Myself a Good Man &amp; a stompin&#39; version of Cloud 9) &amp; &quot;Super Freak&quot; (for the Curtis Mayfield Medley).
        While your about it check out some late 60&#39;s / early 70&#39;s Mongo Santamaria - lovely boogaloo stuff.
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          Another thought - Harmless or Strutt did a great Boogaloo comp a couple of years ago. It was called &quot;Kool....&quot; something or other - sorry to be vague but it should be easy to find.
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            a few of the pucho LPs were put reissued by ubiquity subsidiary cupob several years back so you should be able to find them



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              The comp your thinkin of is called KOOL IT and is on Harmless records. Well worth it for a great verson of FEVER&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;
              Also get the comp called BROWN SUGAR also on Harmless Records

              God bless Fatso.


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                jungle fire is his best imho..
                getting quite hard to find these days ££


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                  BGP reissued &#39;Heat&#39; and &#39;Jungle Fire&#39; on vinyl about ten years ago.
                  there are four of five boogaloo compilations on Harmless, all worth checking. Also one on Soul Jazz, &#39;NuYorican Roots&#39;, and an old one on Charly called &#39;We Got Latin Soul&#39; is definitely worth picking up if you see it. And apparently there&#39;s a reissue about of &#39;El Exigente&#39; by Orchestra Harlow, which is one of the best boogaloo albums (and originals are pricey). The Spanish label Vampisoul have done some great reissues as well - Ray Barretto &#39;Acid&#39; and Monguito Santamaria &#39;Hey Sister&#39; are both gems...
                  We know when a mate buys it for you too.


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                    Originally posted by [b
                    Quote[/b] (john stapleton @ Sep. 02 2003,10:13)]...Soul Jazz... ...&#39;We Got Latin Soul&#39;... ...Vampisoul...
                    It&#39;s that S word again Sermad...

                    How consistent is the Fania label? Is it largely boogaloo or does it cast its net wider?
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                      Actually Ive been picking up vampi soul reissues for a while now. Their peruvian underground comp is utterly essential.

                      Thanks for the pointers to the comps fellas.
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                        Originally posted by [b
                        Quote[/b] (sermad @ Sep. 01 2003,22:32)]Nice one tomj. Where you from?

                        Welcome to the board btw&#33;
                        Cheers Sermad. I&#39;m from the lovely city of Newcastle.
                        A couple of other nice comps are Broasted or Fried (which features Bobby Valentin - &#39;Use it before you lose it&#39; and a load of other brilliant tracks) and Freak Off (which has Willie Bobo - &#39;Psychedelic Blues&#39; and Pete Rodriguez-&#39;Oh thats nice&#39; )
                        I&#39;ve picked up reissues of Mongo Santamaria-Mongo &#39;70 and some stuff like that but the sound quality of these reissues tends to be a bit lame.


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                          hey guys theres some recent comps called &#39;latin dance party&#39;. I think a series of 3 volumes. From memory :

                          Latin Dance Party
                          Latin Dance Party vol 2 60s boogaloo
                          Latin Dance Party vol 3 70s latin funk

                          All are well well well worth the money and easy to find. I&#39;, at work now but if any of you want further details let me know. The 70s funk one rocks.


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                            Originally posted by [b
                            Quote[/b] ]Cheers. I&#39;m from the lovely city of Newcastle.

                            Hi Tom J - another North East Vulture &#33;&#33; - fancy joining us at Tanners on the 7th (see the Events section of the chatboard)

                            If you're looking for a pristine copy then this isn't the one for you. The vinyl looks like someone has polished their brickwork with it and the label has been ruined by some fool with a pen.


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                              Originally posted by [b
                              Quote[/b] (Rich Hero @ Sep. 02 2003,10:29)]
                              Originally posted by [b
                              Quote[/b] (john stapleton @ Sep. 02 2003,10:13)]...Soul Jazz... ...&#39;We Got Latin Soul&#39;... ...Vampisoul...
                              It&#39;s that S word again Sermad...

                              How consistent is the Fania label?  Is it largely boogaloo or does it cast its net wider?
                              The main Fania golden era for the funky-boogaloo (bugalu)-latin-soul-whatever you call it, music was probably 66-70.  Most of the albums would have at least a couple of boogaloo tracks - easy to spot as they&#39;re usually the only ones with titles in English&#33; - along with a couple of trad latin numbers and a hot latin-jazz jam session style cut (&quot;descarga&quot

                              The 45s ?- again,many of the &quot;soul&quot; type cuts were issued in this format.  Going rates will depend on the individual track - from £10 or less - up to a three figures for one or two bits (eg Use It Before...). Fryer may have a few 45s left...

                              NB: Loads of the good Fania LPs have been re-ished - a few on ebay at the mo&#39;;s just when you go for the OG 60s Gold labels that things can get costly...

                              Also check for the Cotique and Speed labels and loads of little NY based ones.  

                              After about 1970 most of the artists and labels went down the salsa path - so be careful&#33;

                              ..and Serms - cheers for the comments - I&#39;ll dub you a Boogaloo CD comp then - Are you at the Salmon on Thurs ?   Anybody else there?