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  • Submitting a guest chart

    on account of benicio sending me some fantastic freebies in with a couple of ebay spoils i got from him (thanks benicio&#33 it has kickstarted me into thinking i should do a vv chart for once, in time for next month.

    being a web dunce, i have no html skills to speak of. is it ok to email over the album shots and the copy to go with each one?

    i have no idea.

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    Originally posted by [b
    Quote[/b] ]is it ok to email over the album shots and the copy to go with each one?
    As I am an interweb dunce this is exactly what I do - Chris and Sie kindly turn it all into summat you can see on line. Never understood how it all works meself - I mean where exactly are all the pictures and stuff in reality....?
    "..hole...road...middle thereof"


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      cheers, lee. always wanted to do a chart but never seem to have the time to sort it out all at once. i'm starting it now, so i'll do it bit by bit.


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        its easy has to be if i can understand it!

        if you have Dreamweaver, or some other website maker program, you can just save a guest chart from the site and use it as a template to put the words & pics into html...then just send it over with the pics as email attachments...

        otherwise just send words in text format (word docs preffered rather than in an email, as its a royal pain in the arse removing carrage returns!&#33 and we'll do the rest...

        pics preffered as *.jpg and if you could crop them and resize to 250 pixels square, then that is also a great help...picture quality doesnt have to be great...i use the lowest quality setting on my camera and then compress by another 50% with photopaint

        deadline is around about 3/4 days before the end of the month, but the sooner the better really, especially if its a weekend, as i wont be able to check emails...

        g' off some o'that wax!


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          cheers chris, i can do plain text no problem and can work around photoshop easily to get all the jpgs done.

          thanks for the encouragement!


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            Once again I was too busy/lazy to sort out my September chart, but I finally have some records again so expect the following in October:

            Gilbert & Sullivan
            New Zealand indigenous hotness
            Hare Krishna breakbeatrare
            pictures of kittens

            ...maybe even some 80s shite? Who can say.