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    One of my mates is going to Washington and probably Baltimore next week and he's going to do a bit of digging by proxy for me. Anybody know any good places of the second hand vinyl variety?

    Any tips appreciated.
    "..hole...road...middle thereof"

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    I have to say that I'm always baffled when people ask this question on an internet board.

    The simple and only answer is for the fella to go there, pick up the Yellow Pages and find out what's in the area. Go to a shop that looks the part (better still, phone them first for the sort of product they stock) and start talking with the people that own it, and depending on how the conversation pans out, they'll point you in the right direction of the areas nuggets.

    Case in point, LA last year - thanks to a great guy in one store in particular (who now becomes 'my geezer' if you like), he gave me phone numbers and directions to some of the 'local' knowledge.

    I've done this in every city in every US dig I've been on - it's the only way to fly.


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      I only asked

      point taken
      "..hole...road...middle thereof"


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        Hi Leeee,

        Yeah, Belson's on the money with his comments - every town, US or otherwise - just go straight for the Yellow Pages.

        I went diggin' in Baltimore in July of '96 and it's a damn good laff, armed with only the page ripped from the Yellow Pages and a City Guide - I'm sure I wandered into a few "savoury" neighbourhoods !!! eeeeek !!!

        If you're looking for a pristine copy then this isn't the one for you. The vinyl looks like someone has polished their brickwork with it and the label has been ruined by some fool with a pen.


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          Joe's vinyl paradise, out in Maryland, get in the car and head out from DC...