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  • Mastering cd volume

    Techie music question here.

    Just to double check - The right volume for audio is around -6db with the peaks hitting around -2db?

    Thats what ive always done but just going through the ripped cds for comparison and some hit near -0db and look like they've been compressed to f*ck. Check Radioheads 'The Bends' for example! <- Changed URL

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    Originally posted by [b
    Quote[/b] (sermad @ Sep. 03 2003,21:28)]some hit near -0db and look like they&#39;ve been compressed to f*ck. Check Radioheads &#39;The Bends&#39; for example&#33;
    Yeah they probably used sonic solutions or some super high end shizzie, the best home user plugs for mastering (if you don&#39;t have pro tools or Radar), are probably the Waveshell &#39;Masters&#39; from Bias if you use a Mac I don&#39;t know bout PC though...
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      would like to hear what Wooly and the other audio boffins have to say about this.

      one method that&#39;s worked for me in SoundForge is to boost the volume then normalise and set dynamic compression on to prevent peaks going over -2db... track ends up sounding fat and doesn&#39;t lose dynamics if you&#39;re careful with the volume boost.
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        Nought dB is the acceptable level for most mastering peaks over and above this level are acceptable for analogue recording, ie to tape (this is saturation) and has a subtle distortive effect which can be quite pleasant, but not for digital, as peaks result in a nasty squealing noise&#33; ugh&#33;. Fookin&#39; digital is nowhere near as forgiving as analogue tape.
        so levels have to be set accordingly to take this into account,
        basically, if it&#39;s in the red for digital, avoid&#33;.
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