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  • Return of the wedding dj

    Hello vultures,

    Just had a mail from an old school friend, he's looking for a DJ to play at his wedding reception (on October 11th), and wants a selection of easy classics - here's what he mentioned :

    "...used to go to a club in Oxford called Disques Vogues which featured such classics as 'Beautiful Balloon', 'House of Bamboo', 'the theme from Ski Sunday', 'Match of the Day', 'Music to Watch Girls By', 'What's Up Pussy Cat', 'Moog Indigo', the list could go on and on and on . . .'

    I can't do that date, but I thought I'd see if any vultures in the Oxfordshire area (or surrounding environs) were up for it, before he has to capitulate and book a ceilidh band

    Drop me a mail if you fancy it, and I'll put you in touch ...

    Much appreciated in an
    style (the reception is in a barn too&#33

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