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  • Sounds orchestral

    anyone heard or got ..marbles on the moon...marble arch
    its got a track called moonshot on it by sounds orch
    a cracking track reminds me of the riviera affair..
    is it from an album if so is there any more like this?
    iv'e got a few sounds orch albums but it ain't on any of em...

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    It's off 'Sounds Orchestral Meets James Bond' - it's their idea of a theme for 'Moonraker' (a good few years before the movie). It's one of my favourite SO tracks, actually.


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      thanks mr thames a veritable wealth of knowledge


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        yep, nothing wrong with a bit of sounds orchestral, for that late-night thing.


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          picked up Sounds orchestral meets JB for 10p at my local booter just this weekend! i bent down to the box the woman said...'oh, its all easy listening luv, you'll not be interested in that..' au contraire!!!

          Moonshot is a flippin belter for saying its 1965! great LP all round!


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            Nice, there's plenty of variety over the course of the 14 or so lp's they've released. I like the proto chill out of 'Cool with me' just check the treatments on the drums. not too keen on many of the covers of the old standards, it's when they cut loose with thier own stuff it gets interesting.
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