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  • The frank chacksfield revival

    As there have been a couple of mentions of wedding night music on the board recently, I have to put in a good word for Chacksfield's version of 'Ticket to Ride'. When I made an honest woman of Mrs Tommo last month we had a night full of easy/funky stuff and this received two outings. People - of all ages and musical persuasions - were going mad over it!

    I know his full album of Beatles covers receives a bit of a so-so review on the site, but has he done anything else decent?

    . . .oh, and on a related topic: the missus is a teacher, and at the end of last term gave a class of 12-13 year olds a quiz.  'Who can name all four Beatles?', she asked.  One girl put her hand up and said:

    'Er, Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison and, and. . .oh, what was his name?' - pauses to scratch head, and then finally, Eureka-style - 'I know! I know! It was FREDDIE STARR!'

    Mrs Tommo put her straight on the matter, but nearly choked as she did so. Really, I blame the parents.
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