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My souls been psychedelicized...

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  • My souls been psychedelicized...

    couldn't believe my luck today while basking in the sunshine at work like you do...cough cough..
    we were asked if we would'nt mind helping to clear out a youth club due for a bit of a fettle ect..
    when we got there they'd already started clearing the place out there was stuff all over the floor outside, stereo's, drums ,desks ,speakers,you name it.
    i instantly clocked loads of singles and albums scattered far and wide quickly looking through them soon discovered they were total crap every last one...bumber
    anyway there was so much stuff laying booter instinct kicked in feverously looking around grabbing what i could ramming it into every orafice of my car...then i noticed this what looked like some type of spotlight the type with the metal handle used for securing to a cealing or something..on closer inspection to my delight it was an old psychadelic oil projector probably used for dances or partys they had there now and again..anyway i quickly stuffed it in the car,couldn't wait to get home to see if it worked ..after a closer look a good clean everything seemed ok plugged it in hey presto it works and it's bloody amazing.
    looks 70ish it's a lito 250 model if that means anything to
    did some tests inside, and out in the garden where it psychedelicized a whole tree from about 20 yards WOW it's ace. the neighbours must have thought the bloody martians had landed..
    goes down a treat with a dashing of freaked out hammond.

    p.s i like it...

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    I used to have an oil wheel in my front room - it looked great but the cooling fan made a total racket. I had to get rid at the missus' insistance - said it was doing her nut in - surely that's the point
    "..hole...road...middle thereof"


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      I saw many a concert, "back in the day" where those oil and water light shows fascinated me, whilst I was trippin' onna
      dose of double-barrel orange sunshine.

      Like Black Sabbath at Winterland, SF in 1970/71
      for their "Paranoid" LP, my 1st concert for $3.50
      The good old days are gone forever.

      Good score Lemoncat !



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        thanks jack it's great ...
        black sabbath 1971 wish i could have been there some gig i bet..
        i saw them at bridlington spa in 1979 very fond memory's of that, great band in there hayday.
        still give em a spin now and then