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  • Jacques tati

    another nice show from trunk and friends..
    been thinking about tracking down a cd of traffic.
    did i hear mr trunk say something about that track wasn't on the cd when he got it..
    the track in question i think he means must be the one on the
    back end of the film ..the traffic jam scene..crasy bit of
    whacked out psychy type thingy..
    ..might not bother then?
    great film along with mon oncle and the fantastic mr hulot's

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    Are you talking about "La Course d'auto" with the filthy drum intro ? Awesome track ! The LP has two different covers i believe and is a bit of a White Whale for me as i passed one up quite a few years ago for £20  

    Mon Oncle is up in my top 5 films, they used to wack it on TV at least once a year back in the day, would love to see it again as its been quite a long time. I want to live in that crazy house !


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      There was a biggish feature on 'Mr Hulot's Holiday' in the paper a few weeks ago, which i assume means that one, at least, was seeing DVD issue, or a cinema re-release, or something. I remember watching 'Traffic' years ago, on a Saturday afternoon, & being totally blown away just by the sets and the look of it - love the scene where Tati is trying to slam the slam-proof door and getting more worked up as the scene goes on...
      a giant steam-powered turntable in warwickshire plays six foot cement recordings of Prince Albert's speeches to the rejoicing populace


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        very interesting towny ill be keeping my eyes peeled for that.
        top5 for sure towny drop me a line with yer address will send you a copy
        if you feel the need to see it again..cheers