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  • Flexi fun

    i don't come across many flexis as a rule, but yesterday i stumbled upon a 7" sleeve chock full of the buggers, all carefully kept from the mid 70s.

    like llmod, i got the "we're all going on a ladbrokes holiday" which is very amusing if you're into "phoenix nights" on the telly. the bloke singing sounds like jerry st clair! got two copies.

    also picked up:

    isle of man 1979 - "1000 years, 1000 welcomes!" - a very fetching gold flexi! never seen a gold flexi before.

    "scottish magic" by younger's tartan 'the hickory'

    the satisfactions - "action girl". promo for the short-lived female action man from the mid '70s. great kind of sunshine pop, up-beat and beaty. a nice little find.

    smiths crisps "chartbusters" - slade

    smiths crisps "chartbusters" - glitter band

    also, a stylophone / dubreq 350s mini synthesizer promo by rolf harris, featuring some amazing trad stylo sounds and also some spacey stuff from the "new fangled" 350s. i must try and get hold of one of those!

    in another envelope was a late 60s french course for kids called "bonjour". a complete course on about 10 flexis - features some quirky music as well as your standard french instruction. the booklets with each one contain nice late 60s cartoons and graphics.

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    You can get re-conditioned Stylophone 350S' from - but they're about £200! (You can't get the parts these days, you know.)

    I still live in hope I'll turn up a copy of that Younger's Tartan flexi - if it's as good as 'Get Moving' by Father William......


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      mr thames, the younger's tartan flexi is very good entertainment! if i see another one anywhere, i'll sort you out.

      don't think i'll be paying £200 for one of them 350s anytime soon, though...