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What the hell is this?.

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  • What the hell is this?.

    booted today some bloody wierd flexi from 65' 'University of Reading, rag week' the tune is called 'You dont know' and is performed by none other than 'Fire' and 'Crazy world of...'
    Arthur Brown. Can anyone shed any more light on this?
    didn't get much else today, copies of
    'Come swing with us' The swingin' Gentry singers arranged, ect by one John Cacavas.
    Cleo Laine 'Close up' on reccomendation from the Eman
    'Soft and wicked' Ronnie Aldritch
    It was quiet on the lp front tho', and to be honest me heart weren't in it today (too much of the 'morning after' syndrome)
    An' i'm sure i'm commin' down with some bastards fookin' flu virus, urrrrggggg.
    derelicts of dialect

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    Don't know about this, but it might be worth a couple o' bob.

    I don't want to get your hopes up, but a Reading Rag Week single I've got (on proper hard vinyl) is worth £200!

    Equally, it might be worthless tat, but get it checked, just in case.


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      There's another rag week Record, possibly Sheffield University, presented by Jimmy Saville, which has a pretty cool version of Earl Van Dyke's "All for you" on it by a group called The Hipster Image.
      Endless Tripe


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        Cheers Si, i'll get it checked out, if its worth summat, great, if not i dont mind cos the tunes bloody good.i'm not one of these people that look for the valuable records and only see them in terms of money, that to me is an anathama of why i look fer tunes in the first place. I like to be surprised, and delighted, not "oh great, how much can i flog this for". That kinda takes all the fun outta it. If yer into that then fine, good luck to yer!, but remember that others like me will buy any old tat cos it looks interestin', not cos its hip n groovy.
        cheers, rant over!, i'm feelin a bit beligerent today cos me nipper smashed me fookin' nose in yesterday with a fookin' toy (right on the fookin' bridge of me conk! ouch&#33, bless 'im, it werent 'is fault, he's only three!.
        derelicts of dialect


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          Believe me, I have exactly the same view - I buy stuff because I like it, and if it's worth anything, that's a nice bonus. I don't have £s in my eyes every time I see a pile of records (and I never sell stuff anyway, so buying something on the off chance I could make a bit out of it is pointless anyway&#33

          Apologies if I came across as a bit of a money-grubber - I speak as someone who has several rooms full of worthless tat that I revere like priceless artefacts!

          But treat this Arthur Brown thing with care - I've got a feeling it might be a bit of a rare one. Wouldn't mind hearing it myself, actually.....

          Hope the nose gets better!


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            Thanks mate, i wondered why this dealer i was talkin' to about this, suddenly turned very pale, and made his excuses, and left pronto. I'll stick it on that tape. Any chance of a compilation of the godlike Ronnie Hazlehurst stuff dude? failing that what about a copy of 'The world of johnny Scott'

            derelicts of dialect


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              Yes, of course! Pop me your address in a PM, and I'll sort you out, no probs.

              By the way, in 1997 the Arthur Brown flexi had a book price of £60 in mint - so all I can say is you did very well there!

              My Dad met Arthur Brown once.....I think he may have trodden on his foot, actually.....


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                You're a real gent Si, thanks. So thats why he walks with a limp!.
                derelicts of dialect