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  • Todays haul..

    3 booters today.....

    salute in sound...the RAF. douglas bader talking about jets
    lightnings.vulcans ect. MFP 1968

    strings for pleasure play beatles.....bland....yawn.

    sounds orchestral at the movies...not bad (marble arch

    favourite tv themes.ray martin..not a duffer in sight love it
    (decca 1973

    immortal reggae funk....the covers not bad.......
    (windmill 1972

    disco dynamite.(again)....the hustle. dippin'wet.

    best find....pete moore...ex sounds of tommorow...yippeee...
    vinyl mint just one problem NO COVER shit..

    but had a realy nice day....

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    those 'strings for pleasure' albums are a law unto themselves. i picked up the sfp 'play bacharach' album the other day and although some of the arrangements showed some promise at the beginning, by the time they'd reached 30 seconds into the track it sounded like they'd given up, the bastards!


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      Nice one Lemoncat for finding the Ray Martin Favourite TV Themes Vol.1 on Decca - a very nice record.

      Keep on the lookout for Vol.2 which is even better and contains some truly brilliant hard, funky Jazz-Rock takes on 'Kojak', 'International Golf', 'Ironside' and 'Mission Impossible' - all full of rock solid beats and OTT distorted wahwah. Also check out the killer opening bassline on 'International Golf'.

      Nice one too on the Pete Moore.


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        will be keeping em peeled for that one otto thanks
        another one from ray martin called up up and away is well worth it too,probably brave new world and
        words being the standouts but a great sound to the album all round..
        any more ray martin's anyone?


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          I found theese this weekend:
          The wild Geese Ost (promo) -Roy Budd (anybody wanna trade?)
          The Blackbyrds -s/t
          Pat Metheney group (promo)
          Urbie Green -The Fox (promo)
          Second Coming -s/t
          Kokomo -Rise and shine


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            I need vol 2 of the Ray Martin TV themes LP - never seems to turn up, except once I found it in a record collection at a school I was visiting - I'm not prone to TWOCing, but by gum I was tempted......

            International Golf is actually a KPM track by John and Joan Shakespeare - I've got the original on a KPM CD, but it's been re-titled. Anyone remember what the original title was?

            'The New Rocking Sound Of Ray Martin' on Rediffusion and 'Viva Mariachi' on Rediffusion Gold Star are also well worth a pop.

            Funky Tee - is the Second Coming the sort of jazz-rock group on Mercury? Got that one for 10p, very good stuff.

            Just to go back to Strings For Pleasure, their Bacharach LP was I used rather a lot as background for my GCSE revision, and as a consequence I've not listened to it since! Mine's got a pink label with black text for some reason too - never seen that anywhere else.


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              John shakespear wrote quite a few tracks on the 1000 series. Check my archived pages. (new site comign soon...)

     <- Changed URL


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                Funky Tee - is the Second Coming the sort of jazz-rock group on Mercury?

                Yeah. It&#39;s on mercury. Mine was about 1£. Never seen it before, what&#39;s a fair price for it?


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                  &#39;The Second Coming&#39; is listed in a (fairly old) price guide I&#39;ve got at £10 - this might have changed since, but I think it&#39;s fair to say we both got a reasonable deal&#33;

                  I think the Golf tune is &#39;Red Carpet Ride&#39; from KPM 1063 - now where am I going to find a copy of that one?


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                    Originally posted by [b
                    Quote[/b] (sermad @ Sep. 08 2003,11:34)]John Shakespeare wrote quite a few tracks on the 1000 series. Check my archived pages. (new site comign soon...)

                    I got a fantastic advertising 45 for the airline BEA the other week written by John and Joan Shakespeare and credited to the John Shakespeare Orchestra - &quot;Number One Theme&quot;. The other side is the theme to a Stanley Baker film &quot;Fade Out&quot;. Both sides are excellent. Arranged by Quincy Jones, no less.
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