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    Has anyone had the time, effort and the opportunity to strawl through American library labels?

    I know some of the stuff, mainly due the Emperor Norton compilation, but other labels than Major / Valentino are unkown for me.

    However, if I understand correctly, A LOT of GOOD library records from Europe were "re-issued" on American labels like Capitol Media, Cinemusic, Big Sound, Network, CBS E-Z Cue, etc.

    does someone have a clue? These records are beasts to deal with as well. They rarely have titles, just catalogue numbers...

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    On the odd occasion you can find a good Captol HI-Q series disc. Found a lp with one minute tracks that featured mad drums, harpsichord and a dirty fuzz guitar. Great stuff.
    And yes Capitol Muedia Release can be worthy too.


    God bless Fatso.


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      Generally mostly nothing

      MAJOR Records or Valentino does have some rare good things
      but they didn't have any sleeves except a big cut out hole and
      nothing written on it at all and you couldn't tell anything whatsoever by anything else !

      What it is, no descriptions, nothing. IT SUX

      I have a pretty good funk guitar MAJOR records "library" LP
      BUT the US never had a library scene.

      They called it and still call it Production Music



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        The Capitol Media Music LP's;

        There is a scat/wordless LP in this series of many
        BUT they only have the MEDIOA MUSIC and whatever # it is
        NO TITLES of the "Library" if you will, like "PSYC IMPRESSIONS"
        He he he

        Also that of which is a huge drag is that the pieces are VERY
        SHORT and VERY FEW per side

        They might hold the world record for the shortest LP's of all time
        and that's long playing 12 inchers

        In my own personal experience, I think I had a Folkways label LP that holds that record, so to speak with 13 minutes, both sides all told


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          there's a pretty tasty funky 'production music' LP from a Hollywood label, just called 'TV Themes'. got a mostly black cover with cartoons of instruments in lurid colours.

          the music includes covers of Sanford And Son and a couple of other good funky themes, plus some original funk and some gameshow-type music. music's played by a big band with some tasty wah.

          can't remember the label - something like CIS? - got a trade if anyone wants one.

          Chops for show, groove for dough.