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  • Sept brillo playlist report

    Nice turnout for the September Brillo meet, with some new faces and notable no-shows from Ed, Si and Greg (holidays?). Personally, my highlight was FinÂ’s remarkable set of obscure African and Jamaican funk, and a ButlinÂ’s version of Flash. If any tracks are spelt wrong, fucking write clearer next time! Lemme know and I'll correct them.

    Rich Hero

    Nanette Natac – Rain In Her Garden, Tears In My Eyes
    John Gregory – Earthshaker
    Moondog – Minisym #1 Allegro
    David McCallum – Insomnia
    Les Baxter & 101 Strings – Taste of Soul
    Linda Lewis – For Mama
    Lulu – Move To My Rhythm
    Astro Nova Orchestra – Soul Sleeper
    Sir John Betjeman – Senex

    Matt Hero

    Manchester City F.C. – Funky City
    Duke of Burlington – Devils Trillo (Brillo)
    Pussycat – Do It
    Duke of Burlington – Flash
    Casey & The Pressure Group – Venus
    Jess & James – Algo Por Napa


    Freddie Scott – (You) Got What I Need
    French Connection – Monte Carlo
    Dizzy Gillespie – Matrix
    Michael Longo – Matrix
    Jimmy Owens – No Escaping It
    David Fanshaw – African Sanctus (amateur juggle of)
    Preston Epps – Afro Mania
    Radiojazzgruppen & Sabu Martinez – Svit Cosmopolit
    French Connection – Penguin Talk
    Dandelion Wine – Hot Dog
    Soultors – Stone Cold pt2


    Vernon Garrett – Second To None
    Dyke & The Blazers – Let A Woman Be A Woman etc
    Dee Dee Gartell – I Must Be Doing Something Right
    Barbare Trent – Heartbreak Hotel
    Jeinic Tracy – Making New Friends
    Little Ann – Who Are You Trying To Fool
    Inell Young – What Do You See In Her
    Pete Rodregez – I Like It Like That
    Eddie Palmeri – Babolfete
    Ali Baba – Ungawa
    Ray Barretto – Soul Drummers


    The Salambos – Salambo
    London Jazz Chamber Group – Mae West
    Chicken Curry & His Pop Percussion Orch – Malaria Fever
    Max Greger – Soul House
    Charly Antolini – Nofretete’s Headache
    Rob Agerbeek – Flat Cat
    Dorothy Ellison – Jazz Mit
    Klaus Doldinger – Sitar Beat
    Sohal Rana – Soul Sitar
    Helmuth Brandenburg – Lucretia MacEvil
    Ed Maciel – Money


    Mulatu Astatke feat Menelik Wossenachen – Fikratchen
    Fried Chicken – Funky DJ
    Calypso Troubadours – No Name Bar
    Night Train – Making Tracks
    Orchestre Bawobab – Kelen Atl Len
    Orchestre Poly-Ryhtmo – E Wa Dagbe
    Clarence Curvan – Feeling Nice
    Amrals Trinidad Cavaliers – 90% Of Me Is You
    Winston Wright & The Upsetters – Jam #1
    Magnificent Zeinians – Ije Udo
    Rob – More
    Biosis Now – Independent Bahamas


    Jacky Brordaro – Magolia
    Flasher OST – Sour Soul
    Jacky Brordaro – Steel Mongoes
    Understood – Understood
    Pyrhanan – Depsydre
    Goblin – Wild Session
    Red Beans & Rice – Let My People Go
    Dave Kamien – Watermellon Man
    Theo Schumann – Derby
    Innermost Limits of Pure Fun OST – Animal
    Great Bear – Almost Grown

    La Soul Fiend

    Piotr Sikora – Bej-Ge-Le
    Yam Superstar – Light My Fire
    Egg – Fugur in D Minor
    Soye – Belgian Stupidness
    John Cale – Church of Anthrax


    Malta Bums – Mr DJ
    Trumpets In The Sun – Light My Fire
    Val Mirell – Flash
    Monaco – Earthy
    Apatchi Band – Issmaiz
    Hit Machine – Hit Machine
    Salena Jones – I Got The Blues
    Ross – Boxton
    Son of Albatross – Africa


    Golden Avatar – Time To Go Home

    ...Indeed it was.

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    That Biosis Now that Fin played is a bit of a belter - wouldn't mind one of those myself! Trade anyone?!

    So Sermad managed to bring down a copy of the Flasher OST - band who did the whole soundtrack was Pool-Pah and that Sour Soul track is a gem. At least one other cut on there that makes the album an essential purchase.

    Too many other things on my plate last night - I'll try and make the next one, but all of a sudden Mondays have got a whole lot busier.


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      I was feeling knackered last night and wanted to go home early but fins selections kept me going! Amazing trinidadsteelbandrare! haha.

      Really good night.

      Come on tho Bill - when are you going to drop some good disco. <- Changed URL


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        Another good night y&#39;all and I managed to get on the right train with time to get (another) BK first

        Oh, a reminder for Nick C - the Brillo Saturday night is apparently the 15th of November not the 22nd as previously announced. Can you confirm that once and for all ?
        Matt Hero


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          Where did the Helmuth Brandenburg &#39;Lucretia MacEvil&#39; come from?
          A great song done by one of my favourite bandleaders - I need to hear this&#33;
          Any info, anyone?


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            I think that is from &#39;Big Band Beat&#39; on BASF. Not 100% but llmod1 is the man to ask.
   <- Changed URL


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              Best of Brillo is now on Sat Nov 15. Fur Shure&#33;


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                Originally posted by [b
                Quote[/b] (sermad @ Sep. 09 2003,10:37)]Come on tho Bill - when are you going to drop some good disco.
                Alright, Serm, put me down for November. I was out all day yesterday so I didn&#39;t have time to sort some tunes out.


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                  minor typo pedantry corner: its bawobab, rather than blawobab. The same band as the Orchestre Baobab that have enjoyed some well-deserved recent success. Why they chose to spell it &#39;bawobab&#39; in that instance I couldn&#39;t say.


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                    Originally posted by [b
                    Quote[/b] (fin @ Sep. 09 2003,11:59)]Why they chose to spell it &#39;bawobab&#39; in that instance I couldn&#39;t say.
                    Oh you can - you&#39;re amongst friends.

                    Any chance of a spare Biosis currently in your posession, fella?


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                      nope, afraid not. bit of a tough one, that. I always keep an eye out for it though...


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                        Originally posted by [b
                        Quote[/b] (fin @ Sep. 09 2003,11:59)]minor typo pedantry corner: its bawobab, rather than blawobab. The same band as the Orchestre Baobab that have enjoyed some well-deserved recent success. Why they chose to spell it &#39;bawobab&#39; in that instance I couldn&#39;t say.
                        Done. Thought you wrote in a l...


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                          Next brillo is on the 13 of October? I will be over from Oslo for this one. Will be bringing some scandinavian stuff along, mostly jazz stuff. Hopefully i&#39;ll sort out some trades aswell .. if anyone has some stuff they want to get hold on from Norway or Sweden, I might be able to work something out .. send me a want through a private message. Cheers&#33;


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                            John Betjeman gets funky?? Where can I get this, Rich? I&#39;m suddenly feeling all Magilla Gorilla at the prospect (ooh, ooh, ooh...)
                            a giant steam-powered turntable in warwickshire plays six foot cement recordings of Prince Albert's speeches to the rejoicing populace


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                              more Shameless Pluggery - Fred (Teddy Rosso) and I will be guesting on Jonny&#39;s OST Show on Resonance 104.4FM on Sat 11th Oct (stick it in your diary) so it should be a good show - expect heavy Scandinavian and Continental soundtrack beats with a deep jazz flavour...

                              also if you&#39;re stuck for something to do on Thurs 9th Oct, come down to the 100 Club on Oxford St for the Incredibly Strange Film Band&#39;s classic blend of funky film themes, supported by Teddy Rosso and Ed The-E-Man... this gig is still TBC...

                              apologies for missing last night&#39;s Brillo - got stuck at work &#39;til late and had to get back home to sort out some stuff on a forthcoming Licorice Soul release (it&#39;ll be worth the wait&#33 - will definitely be back at Brillo with Teddy on Oct 13th&#33;
                              Chops for show, groove for dough.