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  • Hip hop tune

    Heard this wicked hip hop tune on pirate radio last night,
    whilst pickin' me daughter up from guides (huh, life in da hood eh&#33 i didnt catch either title or artist, but it sounded very british (london accents?), on a kind 'o' conscious tip, and the mc's chorus had summat about 'paradise' in the title. Anyone got any suggestions,
    it's fookin' ace 'an i wanna go get it, now!.
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    Not too sure but did it have a guy singing, rather than rapping, the chorus and a flute sample in the music?

    Confession time - I saw the new video from So Solid on telly yesterday and while I'll have to listen to the lyrics again the track was really rather good. Definitely one of those 'I know I shouldn't like this but...' moments.
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      If its a flutey one then they nicked this off a library. I saw this on mtv and I cant remember who for the life it is. soz.

      so solid eh. I will open my ears to that one.

      I tried and tried and tried to like dizzie rascal but I found him to be a squaking teenager rapping about shagging 15 yr olds.

      Good role model that kid - Flunks school, deals drugs and then wins a 20 grand award. Nice one. top. <- Changed URL


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        Nah, no flute samples in this one, it&#39;s got this kinda floaty
        orchestral sample in it and yeah there is some wordless singin&#39; in the chorus, but it was a fookin&#39; movin&#39; piece, it made me stop &#39;an listen,the lyrics were amazin&#39; real intelligent shit, it was definately British but who was it, it was in a mix and i didnt get a tracklisting.....bollox&#33;.
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          Just remembered some more bits, the chorus went along the lines of, &quot;paradise, para days, para nights......&quot;, fookin&#39; ell i wish i could remember more&#33; (i was a bit spangled last night tho&#39; what with indulgin&#39; in a few sherberts whilst watchin&#39; the footie.)
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            That could well be &quot;parodise&quot; by klashneckkoff (not quite sure about the spelling)
            It&#39;s on the &quot;murda in parodise&quot; EP on kemet. it&#39;s produced by harry love so it probably is a library sample.
            Klashneckoff is part of Terrafirma, one of the most promising UK hip-hop crews around.
            i think you can hear it on audio section.

            Hope that was some help.

            green man



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              Ta Green man, that sounds very likely, (rushes out of front door) i&#39;m on me way to get that now&#33;.
              derelicts of dialect