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  • charley says public information film dvd

    this is a long shot indeed. but i have faith that i can ask just about anything here and i'll get the info, such is the knowledge base of the vultures!

    does anyone have a copy of the "charley says" dvd - featuring public information films of the 1970s?

    if you have it, load it up and look at film no. 139 - it's called "children watch us cross" and it starts off with some kid saying "this is vicky, this is my dad..." etc.

    what i want to know is...what is the tune underneath!!!? it sounds like something either by alan parker or keith mansfield - it's very dewolfe or kpm sounding, very upbeat and funky.

    if needs be, i'll post an audio clip somewhere...

    someone's bound to know what this is?!



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    I don't actually know what it's called, but I reckon it's by John Cameron (it's very similar to 'Tap Turns On The Water' by CCS).
    I would guess it's on KPM1097, 'Jazzrock' - maybe someone who has the LP could confirm?

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      if you can post audio I can have a listen and see. <- Changed URL


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        Dunno whether this'll work, but here goes.......


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          i notice that &quot;jazzrock&quot; is a 1972 album, which would tie in because that was the year the p.i.f itself was made, so we could be onto it. pity i don't have a copy of the record to check it out.


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            real audio crashes my pc and jazzrock is in my dads garage

            Errr. Going have to be a couple of weeks until I go get it!
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              in your dads garage? serm...


              this is like a new-technology version of the old &quot;name that tune&quot; tv programme, back in the day. don't think they had many library tunes on there, though.


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                TOP AD - DEFINITELY JOHN CAMERON !!! :biggrin:

                and YES it's off the JAZZROCK sessions - but,

                I'm in the office so can't say which track it is .

                ...and I'm old enough to remember that advert


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                  thanks to everyone who has chipped in on this one - i am amazed, yet again. i have added &quot;jazzrock&quot; to my wants list, half the battle is won already!


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                    Don&#39;t check here regularly, so I&#39;m sure you&#39;ve tracked it but it is indeed John cameron and from memory is Brass Monkey from Jazzrock as you&#39;ve said.
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                      cheers. i still haven&#39;t managed to prize sermad&#39;s copy out of his hands though, unfortunately.


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                        Yeah sorry. I *did* you a cdr of this. It will 100% go in the post tomorrow along with some other bits Ive been promising you&#33;
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                          did you? ah, cheers serms.


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                            Is that a good DVD?

                            It&#39;s our kid&#39;s birthday on Saturday and I&#39;m was thinking of getting him Charley Says, Look Around You and Human Remains.

                            Ideally, Garth Marenghi would have been released by now as well, but no joy there so I&#39;ll have to dub a vid of the series for him.

                            Any recommendations of slightly darker, warped comedy series are welcome.
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                              Originally posted by [b
                              Quote[/b] (Benicio Del Toffo @ April 13 2004,21:16)]Is that a good DVD?
                              fantastic. buy it ben&#33;