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  • I've been diggin'

    Went out bright and breezy today and got lots of goodies. Not had a chance to listen to all yet:


    Denton and Cook - Hong Kong Beat
    Clyde Pop Orch - All Around my Hat: A Fantasia - With input from Nick Ingman
    The Swagman - John Williams
    Ball and Chain - Terry Dactyl and the Dinosaurs - What a name!
    Na na na - Cozy Powell
    Mr Bloe - Curried Soul
    Blood Sweat and Tears - Lucretia Mac Evil
    Rare Earth - I Just Want to Celebrate
    Manu Dibango - Goro City -


    Jan Hammer Group - Oh Yeah - Tons of breaks and funky euro fusion
    David Fanshawe - Arabian Fantasy - This is really good!
    CTI at the Hollywood Bowl - I'm not normally a big fan of live lp's but this has got great versions of Rock Steady and People Make the World go Round
    An Evening with Ronnie at Ronnies Rebel Room - Funky stuff from the Islands!
    Guess Who - Wheatfield Soul
    Jazz - Mainstream record containing loads of artists fromtheir label, Bobby Hutcherson, Blue Nitchell, Joe Sample, Freddy Robinson, Airto, etc
    Jon Lucien - Listen Love
    Lee Vanderbilt - Get into What You're in - Does anyone know this, I really like this record!
    Stanley Clarke - S/T
    Rupert and the Fire Bird - Is this the funky one Matt?
    The 9th Creation - Falling in Love - Another one of those occasions when you ask yourself how did this get here??
    Soul Hits - Another copy of this Leo Muller fave.
    Don Menza - Morning Song - This is the 2nd copy of this fantastic mps jazz lp that I've found locally in month.
    Clubsound Capers - No Clue what this is, I reckon it's going to be shite!
    Geno washington - Uptight
    Trojan - Tighten Up Vol 2
    Various - Son of gutbucket
    Donovan - Universal Soldier
    Donovan - What's Bin did and What's Bin Had
    Alan Haven Organ Magic - Produced by Keith Mansfield - Double
    Eduardo L. Gerlin & co S.A. 1976 - Columbian?
    A Colombia con Amor - Columbian Comp, no clue what the musics like


    Coffee - Casanova


    Nuggets Box Set

    Any info on any of these much appreciated.

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    Originally posted by [b
    Quote[/b] (llmod1 @ Sep. 13 2003,18:12)]Clyde Pop Orch - All Around my Hat: A Fantasia - With input from Nick Ingman
    I've got the LP with this on on the Power Exchange label.

    They were Radio Clyde's in-house orchestra (amazing these days to think a local commercial radio station had its own orchestra&#33, Nick Ingman was one of their arrangers.

    Bought a few things meself today - a massive pile of Bollywood soundtracks, Alan Hawkshaw's 'Non Stop Hammond Hits', and a few prog rock LPs by the likes of Gryphon, Jackson Changes and Camel. Not bad, all in all!