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  • Burglary

    ok guys sorry to put a dampner on things but I want to remind you all the bad shit can happen.  It will happen!

    I've just been burgled in seven sisters, north london.

    They got my decks and mixer and a few bits and bobs but not my records or cds thank god.  I know that like me you prbably all got kit all over the show.  Remember to check your insurance.  Are you covered.  Do you have details of those bits of hardware?  Still got the receipts?  Do you want your records covered by the insurance?  And most of all are your doors and windows locked tonight when you go out?

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    God damn that stinks. All I can say is go down the sunday market in the hackney dog track - I see decks and mixers for sale there all the time so yours might turn up this week.

    I never knew you were so local to me (sunny dalston). <- Changed URL


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      yeah man. Kinda gathered some of you lot on here were local after hitting hfs one thursday and nick just mentioning stokey.  whens the next hfs anyway.  I need some            to de-stress me
      Give a man a tree, He'll take a forest!


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        Nasty business, but something else worth remembering is that thieves rarely steal records, too bulky and difficult to carry - does not suit usual opportunity aspect to burglary.

        to follow that strain of logic, concentrate on safeguarding decks etc, when it comes to vinyl, worry more about the elements...(that bit not aimed at you, eclipse. That would be terribly Harry Enfield)


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          Sorry to hear that mate, hope you can replace the stuff easily&#33;. I&#39;ve had my fair share of this kind of thing, a good one happened to me a few years back, up town for the night with a few guests, said guests left jackets/keys and personal items in car (club scenario, didnt want to carry coats, bags ect), come out of club to discover car ransacked, stereo fookin&#39; jemmied out, all clothing gone, but get this, they had the decency to leave everyones keys&#33;,
          now i&#39;m not usually in the habbit of praising cleptomainia, but to have a thief with a conscience....thats unexpected, to say the least. This is unpleasant to us, so just imagine how it feels to someone vulnerable, older, or with kids, who&#39;s had their homes burgled for the sake of a few hundred pounds. Nasty business, all round.
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            That sucks mate. Ive been paranoid about getting robbed since a mate had a few g&#39;s of studio gear and about 1000 records stolen. At first they just took a few things but he was on holiday and they clocked this and came back to clear the place out&#33;

            Any one ever insured any of there wax? something i&#39;ve been meaning to do ever since this happened but been too brassic...



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              fuck knows which emoticon to use for this thread, but strangely for this forum, there ain&#39;t no anorak...


              i used to live in a block of flats at the elephant above the following (sitcom here i come):

              1. a smack dealing unreconstructed 1977 punk who was 5&#39; 2 (no offence bill&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33 and had tourette&#39;s and some very unpleasant friends

              2. &quot;smelly mad bloke&quot; who, when he got cold, lit the fire in his flat. in the middle of his floor. which was bare boards. which then set off the curtains, the walls, and the stairwell. under my flat.

              nice firemen, though. or so my girlfriend (of the time) said...

              i thought it might be a good thing to research the insurance thing about the vinyl (fuck the technology, its usually covered, as long as it&#39;s &lt;£500, on most policies), the conversation went as follows:

              insurer: no problem sir, just give us a list of every record you have, and we&#39;ll insure them.

              me: oh, i&#39;ve got a few, that might take a while, and some of them are quite rare

              I: oh, well, errm, let me talk to my manager.... errrrm, can you verify the value of them sir?

              me: yes, especially that arthur monday 45. it&#39;s really expensive. or so trouble claims. but he&#39;s a bit a of a willy, so i&#39;m not really sure.

              I: oh, ok. sorry, but we can&#39;t help. but you&#39;re right, james can be a wee bit of a willy at times.

              me: aye, well. fcuk it, thanks anyway.

              bottom line: most insurers will take on a vinyl collection, so long as you list EVERY item, but check that they will do full replacement value, rather that re-issue, which many will use, esp. given that most &quot;normal&quot; people are happy with cd&#39;s and re&#39;.

              however, i found one really good insurer.

              if you have a bit of a collection with some silly bits of rarity, HISCOCK (for that is their name, i kid you not) specialise in high value home contents insurance, and that&#39;s who i use. worth a punt on the website, i say, for peace of mind, and it&#39;s kind of weird how the value adds up.

              alright, i&#39;m off to zip up the snorkel on my parka and talk with charlie the cat.

              &#39;night all.



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                This might be usefull,

                derelicts of dialect


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                  There are places specialising in &quot;colelctiosn&quot; and antiques and that kind of thing. To some extent they&#39;ll cover what you say you have if you

                  I think when you get robbed it makes you discover what you actually need to replace. Happened to me when i ahd a pile of CDs nicked, some I needed imemdiately, some I just forgot about. Same thing with a mate who had 3/400 robbed. And he had a list to work from but most was so obscure that the insurance company hadn&#39;t a breeze.

                  Anyway sorry to hear &#39;bout the trouble.
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                    right seeming I need cheering up whos got a cdr of the sound stylistics for me? I&#39;ll be coming over to hfs this thursday for a quick beer or 2. Hopefully to finally meet a few of you reprobates.
                    Give a man a tree, He'll take a forest!