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  • Lp pressings for libraries

    I've always thought it was interesting how many LP's
    were pressed for what/which Libraries ?

    I know IM did 250-300 LP's per LP but then I also heard from a Frenchman that they had a 2nd pressing = 500-600 LP's
    total per Library LP

    Neuilly-I think was 300 but then Creasound was the 2nd pressing Library label for Neuilly

    Such as Nino Nardini's "Musique Pour Le Futur" which was
    originally pressed on the Neuilly Library label and then
    on Creasound.

    The Neuilly Jackets/Sleeves are way more like a "regular" LP jacket/sleeve as the jacket paper is much more coarse and grainy, where as Creasound were much more slick high gloss.
    I like the Neuilly much more just for the jacket/sleeve

    I saw (the great) Lord Thames turned us all onto the fact
    that Southern had 200 LP Pressings per LP and that was nice to know. THANKS AGAIN FOR THAT !

    I imagine the biggies; KPM, Chappell, De Wolfe had 1,000
    per Library LP, but I am ure they had 2nd pressings as well

    What about these Libraries;

    Telemusic (France)
    Sonimage (France)
    Patchwork (France)
    Freesound (France)
    Golden Ring or Happy Records (Germany)

    What's the scoop on these and ANY other Library LP pressings ?

    Thanks for the space V V !


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    southern had more than 200 as there are uk and us southerns. I see them around so I think there are more than that.

    I think lord T mentioned bosworths were pressed in 200's. They are hard to catch I agree - but 200. Not so sure.

    de wolfe easily easily had many pressings - 2 at least. Some came out on 10" then 12" with white/blue/red label - possibly again on 12" but with the red label - so three separate pressings would not be out of the question.

    Both kpm and dewolfe pressed way way way more then 1000 per lp.

    I dont even think the label owners will know how many they pressed - just how many they skipped. <- Changed URL


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      I have to admit I got the Bosworth statistic from the Trunk website, but I&#39;ve seen it repeated in other places too.

      In the case of de Wolfe, certain 60s LPs were still being pressed in the early 80s - you can usually spot these by subtle changes in label design. I think the 80s ones were also pressed in Holland.

      BBC Radioplay probably had the smallest print run - they generally only did about 50-100 (1-2 copies for all the local and national radio stations, and a few spares probably.)