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Beautiful record, ugly problem

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  • Beautiful record, ugly problem

    Greets all, I'm a newbie and will be replying in the New Faces thread a little later but I was wondering if anyone can help me with a record problem that I have?

    I recently received a copy of Steve Davis' Music LP and it's a beautiful thing. Only problem is, while one side is perfect, one side appears to have been pressed slightly off centre. This leads to real distortion that makes it unlistenable through solos or if one note is being sustained; the effect being somewhat similar to an alarm/siren.

    It's clear to see that the pressing is out as the hole isn't quite in the centre of the label on the 'problem' side and the arm swings in and out by about 10-15mm.

    Can the hole be filed out so that I can line it up correctly? I don't play out/scratch/mix or do anything besides listen the the tunes at home so if this is possible then it would be great. I just don't want to have to send the LP back

    Any suggestions gratefully received.

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    I haven't got any sensible suggestions but I must say it sounds weird - never come across anything that was pressed off centre, rather than a misplaced hole  - if you changed the hole that won't help cos it will siren-ise the other side . . .


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      Not sure if you'll be able to fix it, cos if you alter the hole so one side plays it'll probably just mean that the other side wont play.

      Willy Fogg eh? Does anyone else remember that cartoon? Althogether now...'eighty days around the world'....