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    Picked up a Single on Pye 1971,John Schroeder,Wanna thank you girl/A picture of you,I know "picture of you" from the "home lovin hits" album and theirs another version on a sounds orchestral album "you've got a friend" but the single is neither of these .It sounds like it may be mono which could explain the different mix(slighty more uptempo,no strings behind the guitar solo etc)were pye making mono singles as late as 1971??
    Wanna thank you girl has a bloke singing on it(anyone know who this is )with a okay middle section which drops back into a tune not unlike "What the world needs now".Looks like John had a soft spot for this one seen as he's recorded it 3x.
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    Ah, so this may explain it. When I first heard 'Picture Of You' from the 'Home Lovin' Hits' LP I racked my brains trying to figure where I'd heard a section of the melody sampled before. The answer was the loop used on Aim's 'From Here To Fame' from the Cold Water Music LP. However, it still sounded different, so I played the two together and low and behold, same melody, different arrangement. I couldn't work that one out at all, till now. Thank you.
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      In that case try this one - where've you heard the melody for 'Cast Your Fate To The Wind' before?

      Dunno who the vocalist but it could well be 'Chris', a friend of David Byron allegedly, who sang on some of the 'Vibrations' LPs and 'One Way Glass', the Manfred Mann cover on the flip of 'This Bird Has Flown'. I'll check if I remember when I finally unpack my rekkids. And there's quite a few tracks that John revisited several times...
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