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  • Miroslav vitous and buddy rich lps

    I picked up a Japanese pressing of a lovely 1970 LP called 'Purple' by Weather Report bassist Miroslav Vitous recently. It's very funky in a jazz rock way, featuring heavyweights such as Billy Cobham etc, and I can't get enough of it. Can anyone give me any more info on this album and let me know if there any more of his LPs worth having (apart form his 1976 'Cosmic Shepherd' LP).

    I also recently got a Buddy Rich LP from 1971 called 'Different Drummer' which is also brilliant and features wonderful and very funky big band renditions of 'Super Star', as well as a few excellent funky original compositions. To top everything off it contains a very funky open break courtesy of Buddy himself. Any more reccomendations for funky Buddy Rich LPs?

    Many thanks for any help as awlays!

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    Originally posted by [b
    Quote[/b] (van Otterloo @ Sep. 18 2003,08:02)]Any more reccomendations for funky Buddy Rich LPs?
    First up, you've gotta get 'Big Swing Face' - that's the one with 'Beat goes on' on it.

    Next, get yourself a copy of 'Roar of '74' - includes a very funked out big bandy track 'Kilimanjaro'.

    Also, not quite as good but worth getting, his 'Live in 1974' album on Groove Merchant. Includes a solid version of Chameleon.


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      Buddy's "The Bull" LP on Chiaroscuro from 1980 has the deep cut "Sierra Lonely" which is my fave by him and studio cut of "Chameleon"


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        In addition to those above, 'Keep The Customer Satisfied' I recall as being pretty good - just went to check the details in the racks and it appears to have been misfiled, so god knows when I'll see *that* lp again !

        On 'Big Swing Face', I was told much to my dissappointment that Cathy Rich's vocal on 'The Beat Goes On', while appearing to have been recorded live, was actually replaced with a re-recorded version for the LP. Can anybody confirm this ?

        Also, anybody got any of these bootleg recordings of Buddy Rich reheasals where he apparently sacks one of the band for having a beard, and generally acts in the manner normally reserved for TV chefs ?
        Matt Hero


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          the Buddy Rich tapes are around on MP3, not got any at the moment but used to have a few. frightening stuff. someone at work has just put the Troggs tapes on the server so going to have a listen to those in a minute.

          i like the Lester Young Trio LP with a pre-fame Nat King Cole on piano and a young Buddy Rich sensitively playing some nice brushed drums...

          but that's an aside. 'Mercy Mercy Mercy' is a good one to get too.


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            Originally posted by [b
            Quote[/b] ]'Keep The Customer Satisfied' I recall as being pretty good
            It is indeed, also "Buddy and Soul" where Buddy gets hip to the psychedelic thang and "Stick It!" is pretty good - nice track called "Sassy Strut".
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              Also, 'Buddy Rich Plays And Plays And Plays'. Pink cover with Buddy as a small child behind the kit with a shadow of him as a grown man behind... Very nice track called 'Kong' which has a little bit of a disco feel to it (to my ignorant ears anyway). And one track off 'Mercy, Mercy, Mercy' was used liberally on the first Cinematic Orchestra LP.
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                No-one has mentioned this one, but my favourite is Tuff Dude on Groove Merchant...charted a while back...great small combo stuff on one half of the double LP with Chameleon and other goodness...


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                  Thanks for all the help everyone - it seems I've got some digging to do where Buddy is concerned!


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                    If you like some big band Funk, Buddy Rich is a good place to look. Check the link for some reviews and cover pics of the following LPs:

                    A Different Drummer
                    Buddy & Soul
                    The Bull
                    Rich In London
                    Roar Of 74
                    Speak No Evil
                    Stick It



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                      talking of big band funk, anyone got any good recommendations?

                      here's some to begin with:

                      thad jones/mel lewis:
                      - greetings and salutations
                      - consummation

                      daly wilson:
                      - the exciting...

                      louie bellson:
                      - louie bellson explosion

                      maynard ferguson:
                      - most of the late 60s CBS LPs!

                      woody herman / thundering herd:
                      - early 70s

                      stan kenton:
                      - 7.5 on Richter scale (with a young Peter Erskine on drums&#33
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                        late 60s too for Woody Herman - 'Light My Fire' and 'Heavy Exposure'


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                          Roy Burns w/ the Dick Grove Big Band - Big Bad & Beautiful (nice original entitled 'Dead Ringer&#39

                          Golden Horn Big Band - S/T (NZ release, nice covers of aforementioned Dead Ringer and Hikky Burr)

                          Daly Wilson Big Band - 'Live at the Cellblock' is highly recommended and the rest of the LP's all have nice moments, apart from 'The Exciting' obviously

                          Will Upson Big Band - Live at Pinnochio's ( Australia seemed to have a fetish with big bands after Daly Wilson, nice cover of 2001 on this)

                          M.S.C. Big Band - S/T ( private press release from music students of Melbourne State College, some nice moments on this..)

                          that's about all the big band stuff i can think of at the moment apart from what's already been mentioned....


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                            You know what? I have noo idea why so many people like that Buddy Rich version of Beat Goes On... it is absolutely diabolical to my ears, has to have one of the worst vocal performances that I can think of... full of bum notes - appalling...

                            Does anyone else think it's crap or is it just me?!


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                              just you mate - it's a blinder!