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  • Booting finds

    Went to a wedding in Chichester yesterday, feeling worse for wear today!

    Came back to the car today to find the car park was the venue for a largish boot sale. Found the following:

    Earth and Fire - Atlantis - Euro psych I think?
    Young Disciples - Road to Freedom - My fav Talking Loud release.
    Bo Hansson - Lord of the Rings (Double)
    Assagai - Afrorock - (Double)
    Aphrodites Child - Best of
    Geoff Love - Close Encounters - Some tracks on here are credited to Nick Ingman, are they originals or themes??
    Funky Junction plays Deep Purple
    Amazonas play Santana (Double)
    Introducing the Yamaha Organ Allstars - Koichi Oki and others
    The Worst of Ashton Gardner and Dyke
    Hardin and York - The World's Smallest Big Band - (Double)
    Chilli Charles - Quickstep
    Various - Dimension of Miracles

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    please stop and leave some records for the rest of us, cheers.


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      Nice finds Mark. Been meaning to ask, what does it actually say on that lass' chubs on your avatar?

      I've had a cack weekend of digging, partly if not wholly, rescued by finding a Dewolfe in a charity shop for the first time ever. One called 'Feeling High' which is mainly discofied stuff but the tune 'Disco King' is actually funk with a huge drumbreak! Get in!

      Other than that, yer usual: Hot Hits 10, Alan Moorhouse's Bond St Brigade, Bang On A Drum etc etc. Oh well, can't be lucky all the time.

      Do me a favour though Mark, stay south of Brum. I may actually erect a border and patrol it with ruthless territorialism!!

      Jet Boy stole my baby.


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        I would be happy to find a hot hits 10 and a bang on a drum!

        Instead I got me a nice pile of libraries. All £8. Never see bossies so I bought the lot.

        Oh and the nice thing is I got a bosworth catalogue in one of the lps. very cool.

        Bosworth BLP 130 - Some nice tracks. 'Flugel Forte' being very 'sprial'-esque. 'Hang Loose' - big slow n chunky drum intro and funky organ. Comped on the trunk comp.

        Bosworth BLP 131  - Very easy until you get to the mental electronic tracks. 'Whistle stop' etc as comped by trunk again. Leo Hassler etc

        Bosworth BLP 132  - Very light and easy. Some lovely spanish guitars on 'Autumn Traveller' and 'New Vibrations'. The latter is also a little groovy.

        Bosworth BLP 133  - Loads of wibbly electronics. Seen on mark res's site for 100 squids! eek.

        Bosworth BLP 134  - Now we are talking for finding proper wants! 'Colours' is such an amazing library track. About a minute of spacey flute, piano and marimba and then BOP it drops funky bass and drums! On the stringtronics tip of library. Shame its so short - Was comped on the trunk lp too.

        Bosworth BLP 135  - Very easy library pop. 'Afromotion' starts all moody cop show but never gets rocking! shame. Francis Coppieters nearly hits the spot again with 'Top Tension'. Starts great then tails off. BUT 'Blue Onion' saves it! Huge fuzzy guitar - drums and organs. This is a beast! Sounds like another library track but I can't place it. Great stonking wibbly conga and bass breakdown in there too. I gotta mp3 this! Oh and the next track 'Dew Drops' is a superb flutey dancer. Loads of punchy drums, wacka wacka and sax add to the flute for a really hot track. And the last one 'knitting' is another flutey one - but this got a right dirty intro! Goes a bit parpy but its still pretty good.

        Thank you Wolfram Brunke!

        Bosworth BLP 136  - Very brassy on the whole. 'Up Tight' is pretty nice. Nice vibes, flutes and a groovy feel. 'Alabama Gathrin' opens with a pretty chunky break - some parpy bits then drops back into a congo break! Drops back into the break but never gives a long go - turns a bit shite but what the hell - check that beat! (MP3 coming in a bit).

        Bosworth BLP 137  - Really nice stuff on here. 'Tread Warily' is a right little funky groover. Great jazzy piano and all sorts going off here. 'Broken Leaf' is pure porn. 'Follow Up' is a nice leccy piano and guitar groover. Bit cheesy but great rolling drums. Some nice scat style stuff too. <- Changed URL


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          Here are some mp3&#39;s of the best bossie tracks.

 <- Changed URL


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            Originally posted by [b
            Quote[/b] (llmod1 @ Sep. 21 2003,15:53)]The Worst of Ashton Gardner and Dyke
            What&#39;s the score with this, I&#39;ve seen it in a local charity but it&#39;s a fiver, any goodness
            I was raised by wolves


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              Hey Serms,

              That &#39;Alabama Gathrin&#39;&#39; tune is the one I told you about a few weeks ago&#33; Weird how we both get a copy in such a short space of time eh? What&#39;s the LP called, something like &#39;Brass and Rhythm&#39; isn&#39;t it? Or maybe &#39;Rhythm and Brass? The man like Ebbinghouse on the case anyway.

              Had another listen to that DeWolfe track, liking it a lot. Still waiting on my consignment of KPMs though, it&#39;s a case of waiting for the postman every day and being disappointed on a daily basis&#33; Oh well.

              &#39;Postaeolian Train Robbery&#39; is getting better with every listen. I need to listen to Votel&#39;s mix again cos I think one of the tune (&#39;Kardok&#39;?) is on there, I will investigate. Sounds very familiar anyway.

              Suppose I&#39;d best do some work.


              PS An addendum to my previous allegation that &#39;Ashley Cole is a cunt&#39; - entire Arsenal team: cunts. Manager: utter cunt.
              Jet Boy stole my baby.


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                spectacularly bad booting day yesterday. only good find:

                Snafu - Situation normal: not as good as their 2nd LP, but excellent tight funky rock nevertheless. One killer midtempo ARP funk track with a wicked clavinet riff &#39;Playboy blues&#39;.

                Got very excited from a distance when a Nick Drake &#39;Five Leaves...&#39; was spotted... looked like a gatefold... bah, 80&#39;s reissue. Damn&#33;
                Chops for show, groove for dough.


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                  Even up in t&#39;north, pickings were slim...

                  I was escorted on my travels by a certain Hadrian Elephant who, expecting great things was up for a good booting run. The weather held, the sun came out and we hit the road...

                  ... only to return with one Eric B &amp; Rakim LP &quot;The Mixtape Elpee&quot;, from &#39;87 / &#39;88 on UK 4th &amp; Broadway. Basically, a 6-track LP of remixes from the &quot;Paid In Full&quot; album...

                  It was all rather disappointing, but good to see a good mate again... the ice cream at Redcar saved the day &#33;&#33;

                  If you're looking for a pristine copy then this isn't the one for you. The vinyl looks like someone has polished their brickwork with it and the label has been ruined by some fool with a pen.


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                    Sermad - got a spare Bang On a Drum on Saturday if you want it

                    Ashton, Gardner and Dyke had a big hit with &#39;Resurrection Shuffle&#39;, bit of novelty one that. the Borderline books site has more info - they were a not-particularly-super supergroup.

                    went up to East Finchley (Rich&#39;s ex-manor) and while i was in the back room of one of the shops some nutter came in to the shop and wanted to buy all the records, eventually a deal was struck at 55 quid for them all (about 400?). very odd, especially since they&#39;d been heavily picked over and were mostly the same rubbish that was there a few months ago. presume they&#39;ll be going to a fair.
                    then up to Alan&#39;s which is always a pleasure, even if the customers are mostly soap dodging weirdos. back down to Camden and Woody Herman &#39;Giant Steps&#39; in the Music exchange for 3 quid, bloody thing is totally crackly though, bastards, and then &#39;Out on the Floor&#39;, where you can pay 8 quid for a 3 quid 45. maybe the extra money is to have &#39;Awesome Uptempo Groover&#33;&#39; or whatever written on the sleeve in black marker


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                      No slumming in charities or boots for me this weekend - only proper shops (and proper money   ), yielding...

                      A bunch of new(ish) 45&#39;s, most of which were forgettable but the saving grace of which was Kate Roger&#39;s 7&quot; on Grand Central   .

                      Apollo 100 LP. Need to listen to this properly but could this be Clem?  

                      101 Strings - &#39;Million Sellers of the something or other&#39; with a lurvely sleeve and nice versions of &#39;Shaft&#39; and &#39;Jesus Christ Superstar&#39;.

                      James Brown - &#39;Give It Up Turnit A Loose/The Payback Mix Part 1&#39; and &#39;She&#39;s The One/Funky President&#39; 45&#39;s on Urban and...
                      The Power Pack - &#39;Soul Searching/Oh Calcutta&#33;&#39;. No PS but can I join the gang now please? (Thank you BBC Gramophone Library for the three).

                      And in the post this morning, Rozetta Johnson &#39;Who You Gonna Love (Your Woman Or Your Wife)&#39;.
                      You freeking scientologists are all the same, quible, dribble and then demand ice creams. Ohhhhhhhhhhh.


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                        Oh, and I need that Cos LP Ben.
                        You freeking scientologists are all the same, quible, dribble and then demand ice creams. Ohhhhhhhhhhh.


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                          Originally posted by [b
                          Quote[/b] (Benicio Del Toffo @ Sep. 22 2003,09:18)]That &#39;Alabama Gathrin&#39;&#39; tune is the one I told you about a few weeks ago&#33; Weird how we both get a copy in such a short space of time eh? What&#39;s the LP called, something like &#39;Brass and Rhythm&#39; isn&#39;t it? Or maybe &#39;Rhythm and Brass? The man like Ebbinghouse on the case anyway.
                          Hey ben&#33;

                          yeah man that alabam gathrin is an unexpected surprise. I didnt remember you telling me about it

                          was that in a mail or pm? Sorry im a bit confused of late.
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                            It&#39;s not confusion Serms&#33; It&#39;s alcohol(ism).

                            I think it was a PM, maybe even one of our &#39;private&#39; conversations&#33;&#33;

                            You were right about Cos though, Bjork being buggered by a polar bear while Marc Moulin watches. Dope.

                            Where are my KPMs Mr Postman?&#33;&#33; Grrrrr&#33;&#33;

                            Jet Boy stole my baby.


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                              Yer all a bunch of jammy sods&#33; Been going through a bit of a dry spell as far as the boots / charities are concerned (although I did find the Blossom Dearie with &quot;I like London in the Rain&quot; on it the other week).

                              This weekend I went to the biggest booter I&#39;ve ever seen - in the heart of Derby&#39;s lovely industrial estate - the down side was I had about 30 mins to &#39;do&#39; it&#33; All I got was:

                              Goodies New LP (double)
                              Roger Cooke - Study
                              Eric Winstone - Big Band Sound
                              Howard Blake - Hammond in Percussion

                              the weekend was only saved by various nice bits of wax arriving from all corners of the globe.
                              "..hole...road...middle thereof"