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  • Messed up world...

    Probably had the worst sunday of my life so far. A wicked day at the local record shops - come back home chillin in the lounge.

    hear an ALMIGHTY - CRUNCH. Dash outside and in the middle of the road is a dude twisted right round the wrong way - head split open, not looking too pretty.

    So I dash back inside - ring 999 and Im on HOLD yes on HOLD for FIVE minutes. So Im juggling mobile and landline trying to call someone to help this guy.

    15 minutes till anyone turns up. Theres a hospital not 2 minutes away and they mad thing is - there have been thousands of coppers out on force today as theres a fair going on.

    So someone turns up and I go back inside to reflect on the guy who is now getting treatment - About 30 mins later a helicopter LANDS just behind my backgarden. Its totally incredible. Mad noisy and the pilot is landing in a hell of a tight spot.

    Anyway - the guy turns out died - the person who ran him over didnt to hang around - and nobody is telling the police the license plate.

    Thats two people Ive seen killed on my road now.

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    That&#39;s Messed up Sermad, keep yer chin up mate.
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      Fuck Sermad&#33; That&#39;s some twisted shit, sheeeeeesh&#33;

      Bad, man, just bad.

      I had a similar madness happen right outside my door one Sunday evening just after a really good weekend also, chap leaving the nearby pub got regally done over...After hearing a right royal barney followed by the definite sound of breaking glass, I legged it to my window to see this bloke crawling along the pavement. Although it was dark, I could make out that he was clearly messed up and there appeared to be blood on the ground. I called 999 immediately before I legged it outside to find he had clean dissapeared? I guessed he&#39;d faired better than he looked and split but as I made for my gate, I spotted movement and heard moaning from under a car. Turned out to be the guy, lying in a pool of claret. I got him out of there and managed to sit him under enough street light to see. I had very recently completed a 3 day First Aid course for work so made a swift assessment of any visible injuries and realized that the facial blood streaks ran downwards spelling an injury to the top of the head. I proped him up against a wall and dashed in, calling 999 again to ask WTF was the ambulance before returning to wait with the chap. I applied a compress and kept him talking which was frigging tough as the dude was trying real hard to pass out. Cops turned up about 20 minutes later followed by the paramedics. After all this I was interviewed by the cops for an hour outside my door and all the neighbours just twitched their frigging curtains, not wanting to get involved. I found out later that this poor sod was mashed up by a couple of local hard men for trying to get himself out of a drugs ring&#33; He was in ITU for two days before making it to a recovery ward at the local hospital.
      Dude also had learning difficulties.

      It&#39;s truly a fucked up world.

      Sermad son, just duck and cover, duck and motherfucking cover. Take care of yourself&#33;
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        Rough... up in Boston I lived on a street next to 1) a quickie mart that was always getting held up, with a pay phone in the parking lot that people used to use to use LOUDLY for no good, 2) a fire station AND hospital and 3) a bad intersection. Luckily nobody got killed since most of the accidents happened at low speeds in the intersection, but a lot of glass and noise. It kills me... in the time before the cops get there you might be able to do something, but on the other hand, what could you really do for a guy with a broken arm? The domestic disputes couples had in the parking lot weren&#39;t much fun to be right above, either. Ahh, just take it easy and look both ways.. twice. I&#39;ve almost been killed so many times walking around town I crane my neck all over even on the sidewalk.


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          nice one Sermad, at least you did what you could.

          Chops for show, groove for dough.


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            Originally posted by [b
            Quote[/b] (theeman @ Sep. 22 2003,09:39)]nice one Sermad, at least you did what you could.
            My sentiments exactly. My gf&#39;s a nurse who looks after people with injuries like this every week. She said if his head was cracked open he wouldn&#39;t stand very much chance of a recovery anyway, so I hope you don&#39;t feel too bad about that. Clearly you did the best you could and tried really hard to get attention to him asap, and I think that your effort there is something to be admired - you&#39;re a good bloke Sermad.
            Let him have the lot for £2.00 - we were only going to throw 'em out anyway...


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              Thanks for the thoughts guys - it was a pretty harsh experience only made worse by a frustrating lack of paramedic action. I really do think he could have had a chance if they hadn&#39;t taken so long to get there.

              My mum is a matron and she told me I had done the right thing - Something that serious you dont even bother touching them.

              Heres hoping they get the f**ker that did it.
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                . My sympathies Sermad.  I was in a similar position a few years back when I saw a bloke run out in front of a nightbus. I didn&#39;t feel sorry for the bloke (dark street, wet roads, hulking great piece of metal - SO DON&#39;T EXPECT IT TO STOP IN AN INSTANT) so much as his family and the driver, who was instantly branded a murderer buy all the half wit, knee jerks around. You did what you could and let&#39;s now hope the Police do all that they can.

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                  Wow - thats all pretty heavy. I spent a lot of last tuesday in the A&amp;E with my mother who has pneumonia and just watching the health service in action is kinda scary.
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                    My sister&#39;s in the police &amp; I hear some pretty hairy stories from her...what goes on is enough to kill any fath you might&#39;ve had in human beings, really. But especially bad is the way that she says if something serious does happen, they&#39;re more often than not stuck with few staff, dealing with the usual 20-odd addresses that come up week in week out - like the woman who calls them out &amp; accuses her boyfriend of hitting her whenever she&#39;s drunk, then withdraws it once he&#39;s been charged, or the clueless pair who nicked a motorbike, spent a week stripping &amp; respraying it, then got nicked on their first outing on it &#39;cos they&#39;d put the old numberplate back on . Trouble is, each one of those takes up a couple of hours of her shift, leaving them short handed to get to anything else. Bad news...
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                      yeah, our neighbour was a copper... wouldn&#39;t like to do that for love nor money... had christmas day dinner with him and he&#39;d been out that morning scooping up what was left of a stoopid biker who&#39;d piled into a stone wall on that rat-run across the pennines to buxton.

                      apparently our mate had had to store the biker&#39;s helmet in the station for a while... it still had the bloke&#39;s head in it...
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                        ......this is all getting a bit nasty. Shit happens everyday like this we all know but when you actually witness something which results in another human life snuffed out, it can take some time to distance yourself from it. Sermad, once again mate, take care and know you did everything you possibly could do fella&#33;
                        I was raised by wolves


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                          Hey serms I do know how it feels. You all know the bad week I had the other day. Been really stressed after the burglary and anxious that they gonna come back. Anyway last thursday I come home and there are the usual coppers outside my house. Its a regular occurance now. At least twice a week within 100 feet of my door investigating some other crime. There kinda lookin at me funny when I open the door and go in. then there&#39;s a knock.

                          &quot;eh sorry mate but is there anyone else in your house cos someone just got knifed and said that they live here&quot;. Shit is this my girlfriend or my mate who is living here, me thinks. Heart pumping i search the house. Ok no body in now so then I asks the copper again what&#39;s up. Hey then tells me the person knifed is black and as only white people are living in my house I sigh a sigh of releaf. Shit man I&#39;m stressed as it is without the need for this shit. Turns out it was some guy who lives a few houses down. But I dont know who says crime is getting better. Better for the criminals maybe. I&#39;ve had shootings, burglarys, knifings, burnt out cars all within the last few months within a couple of blocks. Man this shit is getting worse.

                          Oh well at least we got music&#33;
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