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    Hi to the board. I used to post a bit a year or so ago but I can't even remember what name I used - #### this old age. My interests tend towards psych and jazz and some easy listening. Looking at the huge pile of stuff I've amassed makes me think I should try and shift some of it that really isn't floating my boat so I may send a list of stuff to swap soon.

    So what are the charity shops good for here - plenty of religious records mainly but most of these are particularly horrible and frightening. Mainly folk mass type stuff or spoken word. I have one which is a sermon called "The future of the celibate community" - good for getting rid of unwanted guests. I really don't know where the Trunk guys got their stuff for the "Resurrection" comp.

    I was also moved to re-register by stumbling over a large pile of library records in a second hand shop all for a fiver. Library music is not something that turns up round here with any regularity so its immediately tempting but this lot seems to solely consist of classical stuff, "national music" (i.e. sounds of Scotland Wales etc.) and a few collections of marches (one called "March trident&quot I was tempted by a de wolfe "Victorian and Edwardian music" one with a natty B&W sleeve. So is any of this liable to be any good - for listening or of use for trading?


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    Welcome back to the board. The whole religious thing depends on the oddity value of the records, I think, so where there's bizarre spoken word, or rock/pop/folk songs (or songs for kids) by jesus heads, or unusual sounds (hymns played on the spoons, evangelical accordion/percussion combos or whatever) there'll always be samplers waiting to get stuck in. Apart from library label completists (in which case it'd depend on the labels), I'd guess that unless those libraries contain similar sections (spoken word, sound effects or some interesting twist on standard classical/orchestral national anthems - playing them on moogs, doing scat over them, making them cartoony/funky etc) they'd be of limited use. Sample potential will probably be the key! That said, you never know what folks on these boards are looking for till you try 'em!!
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