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  • What's in the bag, man?

    I thought I'd kick off the usual round of "wot I found this weekend" - primarily because I actually found a few things. Amongst the usual tosh which I genereally accumulate were:

    Redbone - Witch Queen of New Orleans 45
    Mr Floods Party - Compared to What 45
    The Popcorn Makers - Popcorn 45 (Mike Vickers in disguise)
    Saxie Russell - Psychedelic Soul 45 (not being a big northern / deep funk bod I'm not sure if this is a rare 'un or not but it looks the part - any pointers?)

    Jacques Loussier - Pulsion LP (ha - at last - drums and piano funk - aparantly Eminem sampled it)
    Lee Holdridge - Nights in White Satin LP (nice instro called "Alchemy" on here which will be of interest to VV types)
    Themes Library - Listen to LA (Alan Parker - pretty good! )
    Rupert and the Fire Bird (cheers for the tip off Matt

    What did you lot get then?
    "..hole...road...middle thereof"

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    Saxie Russell is a great tune!

    It's worth a fair whack (£70+) on original but as with most big northern sounds of the period it was heavily bootlegged.
    He also contributed songs for the Jim Henson movie vehicle 'Muppets From Space'.


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      Al the following found for 50p in various establishments:

      Bad Child - First Flight - Smokin French Funk with a band containing amongst others Frank Abel of Cane and Abel fame.

      Ambros Seelos Orch - Contains the awesome track Mabusso which reminds me a lot of Manu Dibango's Dikalo.

      Harlem Pop Trotters - Great Funky Psych Lp on the French lable Les Treteaux, every track is a winner.

      Various - Stereo Sound Stage - Hawaii 5 O and Shaft from Chaquito (double)

      Hot Butter - Popcorn - Two copies from the same shop, half decent moog madness.

      The Muppett Show - Memories.......Hugga Wugga is quite funky

      Anata - Wheels of Time - Religious lp on the Hare Krishna label Govinda. One very funky fusion number.

      Michel LeGrand - Le Grand Jazz - La Pasionaria was sampled long ago by UFO. Firing dancefloor jazz (Double)

      Finesse and Synquis - Straight from the Soul - Hip Hop 12" on Uptown, don't know anyhthing about this??

      Disney - Mickey Mouse Disco - Semi funky wha wha moments on here, have to admit to not having listened to this properly yet though.

      The Temptaions - Greatest Hits

      Jackon Five - Greatest Hits

      The Detroit Spinners - S/T

      The Faces - The Best of

      Headdrillaz - Space Fuck 12"

      Paris - Guerrrilla Funk 12"

      Snappy Sid - Mr Plane EP on Dust records

      Mucho Macho - Eric B is on The Cat?

      Any info on any of these much appreciated.

      OK I admit it, I didn't find the first three in a charity shop, they cost me money!


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        Looks like an OG. Thomas Records, green label, TH1639. Is it?
        "..hole...road...middle thereof"


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          Sorry, you haven't hit the jackpot - the original label is "flesh" coloured, or a white label promo copy - according to Manship's bootleg guide. Hundreds of northern 45s got bootlegged, many in the early 70s, so they all look kind of original. It's quite confusing because many original 70s funk 45s look like northern soul bootlegs, just because they were pressed at the same time... Err, if that makes any sense.
          There MUST be a Hymns-A-Swingin' in this box...


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            Originally posted by [b
            Quote[/b] ]Sorry, you haven't hit the jackpot
            Cheers for the info Mr D - still, it's a damn good tune
            "..hole...road...middle thereof"


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              Ignore this post, I was going to go bananas that Ilmod had found those first 3 for pence and then I read the end of his post....

              You cheeky beggar you!
              He also contributed songs for the Jim Henson movie vehicle 'Muppets From Space'.


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                Hi Guys...

                I had a far better weekend this last ( hope that don't p*ss you off Hayden! ) scooping the following few bits from just two early morning markets.

                A Dave Brubeck LP with "Take Five" on it, CBS

                A Modern Jazz Quartet LP on Solid State from 1966

                A Gene Page LP from '76 / '77

                ( sorry I can't remember the titles, I'm not at home ! )

                Della Reece "Live At The Playboy Club" LP

                After all the chat about this last week, I was rather pleasantly surprised to turn the LP in minty condition at a booter! The extended LP version of "It Was A Very Good Year" is quite a hoot.

                Elaine Delmar "Sneaking Up On You" LP. Cool.

                At the second market...

                Sie - "How much are the twelves love?"

                Lady - "Twenty pence each sonny..."

                Junior Boy's Own numbers 002 (Lemon Interupt - aka Underworld?), 003 (Fire island) and 009 (Black Magic Orchestra)

                Warp Records numbers 20 (Kid Unknown) and 43 (Mojo Rising).

                Fiver spent. It rained all afternoon. I didn't care...

                If you're looking for a pristine copy then this isn't the one for you. The vinyl looks like someone has polished their brickwork with it and the label has been ruined by some fool with a pen.


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                  nathan davis - IF (tommorow international)
                  coke - S/T (sound triangle)
                  lords of the underground - psycho (electra)
                  mike osborne trio - border crossing (ogun)
                  HP Riot - S/T (concept)
                  three times dope - original stylin' LP (arista)
                  peter king - moods (orbitone)
                  colonel bagshot - oh! what a lovely war (cadet concept)
                  hampton hawes - blues for walls (prestige)
                  bizzie boyz - droppin' it 12" (yo)
                  dose material - dope material / outlaw (nv/cutting)
                  charles kynard - reelin' with the feelin' (prestige)

                  And lots more $1-2 breaks albums (bill cosby - hooray for the salvation army band, electric indian..) and hiphop (king tee, treacherous three, more three times dope, arsonists, old MC lyte...etc.) for the online biz. A nice haul over only 24 hours, only had to drive the majority of a 3 hour drive at 1AM in the morning to get to a record show. Yeah, no comment on that.


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                    Originally posted by [b
                    Quote[/b] (handcorkscrew @ Sep. 28 2003,18:36)]And lots more $1-2 breaks albums (bill cosby - hooray for the salvation army band, electric indian..) and hiphop (king tee, treacherous three, more three times dope, arsonists, old MC lyte...etc.) for the online biz.  A nice haul over only 24 hours, only had to drive the majority of a 3 hour drive at 1AM in the morning to get to a record show.  Yeah, no comment on that.
                    Man Bill Cosby Hooray for the Salvation Army band is a dollar record? I just sold a copy at a record show for $15. what other dollar records you got back there hiding?

                    As for my finds this week:
                    Shirley Brown "Woman to Woman" (Truth) - Ok so Barbara your fucking my man, but I'm gonna keep him. I wrote a little song about it, like to hear it, here it go...

                    Denise LaSalle "On the Loose" (Westbound) - Wow! Why couldn't her other album on Westbound be this good?

                    Blossom Dearie "Soon it's Gonna Rain" (Fontana)

                    Jimmy Walker "Dyn-o-mite" (Buddah) - (Double/trade)

                    WEB Dubois "A Recorded Autobiography" (Folkways) - As a former Black Studies major WEB Dubois has always had a special place in my heart. This was my favorite find of the week

                    Floaters "S/T" (ABC) - Now I can get lifted to the 11 minute version of float on as opposed to the 3 minute version.

                    Los Shakes "Hair" (Orfeon) - Basically the Mexican stage prodcution of hair. Sadly it's in english with dubbed in crowd noise over every songs intro.

                    the entire bunch (except for the Hair LP I won off of Ebay) cost me $7.50


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                      Aries! And my name is formigo.

                      Not much time spent digging this weekend but I hit one charity that had rather more vinyl than usual (by Auckland's standards) - about four or five crates worth... plus a whole box of Chinese karaoke laserdiscs (?!?&#33

                      A buck apiece:

                      Rare Earth "Ecology", "Ma" and "Midnight Lady" - never been feeling these guys too much but they can't be hated for a dollar. "Ecology" is actually pretty good, not sure about the other ones but maybe if I give 'em some more ear time...

                      More of the Monkees ("Mary Mary" - bit whipped though)

                      Evil-looking Peter Nero menacing a lady LP with "Soulful Strut" on it - not a bad version...

                      Raydio - Jack and Jill / Get Down 7" (Ray Parker Jr brings a terrible ballad on the A, and some rather corny slap-bass funk on the flip that's a bit of a guilty pleasure for me)

                      Sing Along With the Eastenders (awful piano cockney chuff featuring the entire cast of Eastenders c. 1984 - "Oh, I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts" / "My old man's a dustman, he wears a dustman's cap" medleys etc etc.)

                      Solid Rock Big Band - "Born Again" - Christian Daly-Wilson-alikes out of Melbourne, Australia. They may be "praising the Lord's boundless love for all through the medium of jazz/rock" but since most of the tracks are instrumental you wouldn't know it... there's a couple of pretty decent originals on this, although the production is a bit vanilla.

                      Some budget covers record with a Honky Tonk Woman on it (Maestro label anyone???) - sure the break was there but it's not a great one. Dude's Jagger impersonation ain't too bad though.

                      From a real record store:

                      Hugo Montenegro "Love Theme from the Godfather" (Quadraphonic) - okay I think I just need to get "Moog Power" now and I can forget about Hugo Montenegro.


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                        Hi everyone - here's some of what I've picked up recently:

                        Peddlers - "Suite London"
                        Mikis Theodorakis/Bob James - "Serpico" OST
                        Harry South Stereo Brass - "Say No More"
                        John Dankworth - "Full Circle"
                        Amancio D'Silva - "Reflections" (Lansdowne series 1971)
                        Maynard Ferguson - "Alive & Well In London"
                        Roy Budd - "Budd 'n' Bossa"
                        Tubby Hayes - "The Orchestra"
                        Andre Mathieu/Victor Vogel - "Montreal 1976 Olympics" OST (funky)
                        N.D.O - "The BBC presents the Northern Dance Orchestra" (BBC Records & Tapes 1972 - very funky)
                        Sid & Simon Phillips - "Two Generations"
                        Audio Create vol.2 - "Just Good Friends" (hard mid-70s Japanese funk)

                        Dont' forget to watch "The Long Good Friday" tonight on C4, brilliant film and brilliant score!
                        Barry Morgan's brother is a driving instructor


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                          Originally posted by [b
                          Quote[/b] (Seventies Kid @ Sep. 29 2003,08:29)]Audio Create vol.2 - "Just Good Friends" (hard mid-70s Japanese funk)
                          Woah! I've been sleeping on one of these "Audio Create" records at my local spot I think...

                          Will have to go back and determine whether it's any good - can't remember what volume it is...


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                            Originally posted by [b
                            Quote[/b] (Seventies Kid @ Sep. 29 2003,08:29)]Mikis Theodorakis/Bob James - "Serpico" OST
                            fantastic record. not one that turns up too often any more either. the crazy, intense proto-drum'n'bass of 'on the streets'... heavy.
                            Chops for show, groove for dough.


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                              I had a bum weekend so I brightened it up by dropping my cash on some stinking rare french ep's.

                              Celia - Hair - Great intro to 'let the sunshine in' - Bass and lurvely drums. Goes pretty nuts!
                              Pierre Cavalli - Crise - OOOOOOOOH nice. Great echoey cop show funk with fuzz guitar all over it.
                              Georges Garvarentz - Le Temps Des Loups - Brilliant funky spy film bizness.

                              Pablo - Cissy Strut - Very very cool version of the meters classic. Mr Bongo's in london have got it. Sure you can find it online.

                              What else.

                              Jacques Denjean - L'etrangere - Scooped off ebay for a song. Essential for 'Jerk Poker'. Great fun.

                              Pure Love & Pleasure - Great rock. Some nice hammond in there and some funky rock loops for producer types to yoink.

                              Music City - Snag Nasty - Traded with the woolmeister. Great hammond funky rocker. Cheers.
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