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  • 2018 January finds

    On a sweep through town I picked up three ex-radio station LPs for a dollar each.

    Alex Scorier - "Sax in the Box". The sax player from Placebo. Difficult to believe it. Mainly recent-ish (1971) hits. The obvious exceptions being "Bubbles and Co." (by Scorier/Albimoor - very much the pop end of pop-funk), "Keep it" (by Albimoor - more interesting, but too fast), and "Topless" (by Scorier - which could have been very good, given a better production).

    Lyrio Panicali and his Orchestra - "Dancing Teens". SpaceDebris was very keen on this on this site back in 2005(!). I will settle for a polite smile.

    Byron Keith Daugherty - "Back Door Man". Four tracks in and I needed a break. Tepid country rock. The title and the sleeve had me hoping for something a bit grittier.

    Some trouble (again) getting the photos on to my computer (and hence to here). Experience suggests that it will happen eventually.

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    seven inches found in cheap bins in the last week or so

    an unholy trio of Noel Edmonds + Barclays Bank + soft rockers Home, though it's hard to tell if it's a real signature inside the gate-fold

    promo EP - yours free with bottle tops from Havana Club rum

    Jackie Trent and Tony Hatch wrote and released this song for Stoke City F.C. back in 1972
    I actually picked this up on a market stall just outside Stoke for a pound the other week.

    These weird music for schools EP's are getting harder to find now, complete with instructions
    for dance interpretation on the rear - I mistook the persephone for an instrument at first

    Square promotional flexi-disc for the ill fated Strand brand, more info:

    I like Viv's honesty on the label credits

    a curious/religious/scarce/odd 7" from 1986

    A previously unknown 7" private pressing from the mid 60's, more info:

    This is possibly signed by a member of the band but I couldn't find much info on them

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      Blimey, you didn't waste *any* time getting out and at it again!
      "White paper inner sleeve is pristine ..."


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        was out yesterday of course, must have done at least 7 chazzers before lunch!
        got the auction today too - it's ALL GO y'know
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          Went digging for relaxation reasons, not because I particularly wanted to buy anything (I already have too much listening and filing to do) but this appeared, and I thought, that might be interesting. I wasn't wrong. Not astounding, just a nice compact find.
          "White paper inner sleeve is pristine ..."


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            That's quite an odd threesome funk. I've picked up a 'Noel Edmund's' Birthday 45 which I sampled in something last year, it's rather a creepy dedication he orates that then goes into some MOR female ballad. I wonder if he made a few quid doing this sort of thing.

            Here's four from yesterday from different charity shops, don't know why I bought 'The Shamen' (a fool and his 99p and all that) but very chuffed to find 'Jet Propelled Photographs' despite it being a Charly Records rip off of the original BYG release. Another minty Sinatra repress which I think is his own re-recordings of his songs and contains 'In the Wee Small Hours' which I like (least I think I do?!?!? he says without having listened EDIT: Nope it's 'One for my Baby' I'm thinking of!). 'Pilote' is kind of downtempo breakbeat stuff from 2000.

            Been told a my local hospice charity warehouse is stopping selling vinyl and distributing to only two of their shops which just happen to be in the two most 'upmarket' towns in the surrounding neighborhood. His prices have gone from 20p per record to 50p to prices that vary all over the place, quite sad I've had some good finds there, nothing grail like but interesting local stuff. :

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              Looking at something else, I noticed 70E being asked for that Noel Edmonds 7. The music being the selling point, not NE.

              Were we, your VG+ colleagues, all remiss in not offering up a mild Ooooof?


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                a great £1 charity shop find earlier today

                a beautiful original black & gold Australian pressing

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                  Vinyl finds about town

                  Various bits and bobs at the re-use centre today including this which I'd not seen or heard of before.


                  I picked up a bunch of Xian Folk the other week from a shop closing down and went back for a few more as some turned out to be really nice and pretty scarce too,
                  Christ knows how I missed these ones


                  this one really hit the spot when I was chilling in my cave Sunday afternoon, a local group it seems as there was a concert programme inside the sleeve too.

                  hidden inside another LP was this flexi-disc, which turns out to have a Christian story on it, not sure it came with the LP that I found it in

                  This LP turned out to be good, a compilation of old Listen & Move E.P.'s (I think I have a few somewhere)

                  I could find nothing out about this album version, it's unrelated to the scarce Daphne Oram record below, I think...

                  These picture discs were lurking in a charity shop bin, I'm a sucker for these even though the sound quality can be iffy.

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                    Originally posted by Head Gardener View Post
                    Vinyl finds about town

                    Various bits and bobs at the re-use centre today including this which I'd not seen or heard of before.

                    Dee-Lite related label, mostly just 45s I think. that Rhythm Makers LP with the green sleeve might be the only other album on the label


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                      Originally posted by Head Gardener View Post

                      this one really hit the spot when I was chilling in my cave Sunday afternoon, a local group it seems as there was a concert programme inside the sleeve too.

                      I like this record. The Scholars were (are?) a fairly well known professional group specialising in early and baroque music and at least one or two members were also in the Kings Singers as they all went to King's College. Nothing to do with Northampton.


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                        Some proper money buys

                        Teddy Randazzo - The Girl From UNCLE - was bidding on a big US easy want, didn't win that, but got this which was just going to make up the parcel. Anyway, recommended on here before, it's good soundtrack stuff
                        Heaven and Earth - Refuge - ebay sent me a 25% off voucher valid for a day, so made a BIN a bit cheaper. Well known on here I think.
                        Dave Cousins - Two Weeks Last Summer - 15 quid in Oxfam, probably too much, but not seen a cheap one, and it's a good cause etc. From memory first side is quite folky and mellow, second side more rock.
                        Robin and Barry Dransfield - The Rout Of the Blues - another for the growing Trailer collection. good folk duo. Great sleeve photo too, much better than most folk albums. Might need a better copy though, this looks very clean but a couple of tracks are muffled, so might be worn.

                        Usual charity tat:

                        Festival Flamenco Gitano and Jose Greco - Flamenco Fury - lots of hand clapping, foot stomping business, pretty good
                        Narciso Yepes - La Guitarra Española - i think he played a 10 string guitar, so that's not his on the sleeve. Not bad. DG have reissued a load of his stuff on CD, so must have some fans. Probably was a holiday purchase, still has the price sticker in pesatas on, and sleevenotes are in English and German.
                        La Alegre Banda - Rancheras, Corridos y Mexico Lindo - horrific. Really nasty 70s pop sound.

                        Wiki Baker - Maori Love Songs - I quite liked this. Pretty mellow, got that Pacific sound
                        James Last - Beach Party 3 had this years ago, but picked it up to check it out again to see if it was just all about the "Put Your Hand In the Hand" drum break. Answer: yes.
                        Botticelli - Classics In Latin - hadn't seen this Phase 4 before. Unfortunately I should have looked more closely. It's late 70s and some of the track choices are awful - "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik", "Don't Cry For Me Argentina" (?!). It's got that sort of ballroom dancing sound, not the groovy late 60s Easy listening VV one

                        Decided to visit my local tip shop (sorry, "reuse and recycling centre") for the first time, since that seems to be where everyone is going these days. So off peddling 5 miles up some big hills (us Londoners aren't used to them, there aren't many around here) into a cold north headwind. I think it was worth it. They had a few hundred LPs, had a leisurely dig and found a few to buy then asked if they had any not out yet. "Have you looked in there?" pointing to the garage next door. Well, no because it says "Staff Only" on the door. Anyway, about 15 minutes to look through about 1200 or more records, half buried with other crates of stuff. Managed to get through most of them in the end, 50p each meant was easier just to grab than think about things too much.

                        Sid Phillips / Simon Sound - Two Generations - spare. my first in the wild
                        also picked up a spare of the Eric Winstone with "Hacienda Happenings" should anyway need

                        Ray Martin - Dynamica - 50s SABPM, only a UK Decca pressed copy, not US so no fancy die cut gatefold, but still stereo and nicer than the later RCA reissue
                        Enoch Light - Persuasive Percussion Vol 4 - more SABPM, US Command gatefold. Nothing very exciting on here in terms of track choices, so probably heading for the freebies thread. Sleeve has mildew though
                        Pete Smith - The Very-Hot-For-May Sound of - rarer Living Presence one, but pretty trashed. The "In The Hall Of The Mountain King" was on one of those Contour Living Stereo compilations, but I'd never seen the album it was off. Was hoping for all classical arrangements, but other than Troika from Lieutenant Kije the rest is pop covers and a bit disappointing as far as I can tell through the scratches
                        Os Sambacanas - Fly Me To Brazil - Brazilian stuff on Page 1. Sound could be a bit better though, seems a bit light on the bass. Thought the name (Julio Nagib) sounded like one of those anagram pseudonyms, but he seems to have been real. Usually depressing fare such as "Hey Jude" and "Those Were the Days" are immeasurably improved with a jaunty samba beat:

                        Ron Goodwin - Gypsy Fire usual Ron Goodwin over-the-top stuff, probably not a keeper
                        Million Sellers of the Sixties - Boulevard - there were a few of these (40s, 50s, etc). Was hoping for easy arrangements, but they are just soundalike versions. (Same) Drum break on Honky Tonk Woman. Interesting how the 60s only seems to 66 onwards (if you count Dancing In the Street as 69 when it was a big hit, not 64 when released)
                        couple of Manitas De Plata LPs - would be nice to see some other flamenco guitarists for a change

                        didn't have time to get the phone out or look too closely because they were shutting up and the thought of being locked in a garage wasn't great, so were some hurried buys
                        Jeannie C. Riley - When Love Has Gone Away - only know Harper Valley PTA. This is nice country, quite groovy. Probably a keeper. Cover looked familiar, not sure if posted here before
                        California - Discovery - on RCA. disappointing, was hoping for something mellow and folky and from the West Coast, maybe CS&N ish. Starts with an odd jazzy introduction, but then rest is pretty dull, several rock-n-roll numbers.
                        6th National Scout and Guide Festival of Folk Music recommended on here, couple of nice tracks. Probably just going to tape (hard disk?) those and freebie it though
                        Miquel Brown - Close To Perfection - from 1985, was hoping for 808s and synths (after seeing Loose Ends "Hanging On A String" on the 1985 TotP programme the day before), but due to the script typeface on the sleeve I didn't spot this was the work of Ian Levine. Consequently it's rubbish, and slightly hi-NRGish

                        finally there were quite a few Jewish records, picked up these two
                        Tova Ben Tsvi - Rojinkes Mit Mandlen - Israeli folk - Johnny Gregory doing the backing. Not a keeper though.’
                        Sidor Belarsky - Sings of the Hopes and Dreams of the East Side - better, but probably still heading out again

                        Kiddie Au Go-Go - slightly bonkers - various dance beats like the Frug, the Swim, the Monkey etc to quite loose versions of Old MacDonald, Row Row Your Boat, etc. Low budget sounding though
                        Noro Morales EP - needs a PVAing but this has Mississippi Mambo on (as recommended on the board)


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                          Some nice Exotica and a bit of chazza flamenco, nice. I quite like that 'Fly me to Brazil' album has some funny stereo effects on it and is quite well done if not in any way authentic.
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                            Great start to the year in the charity shops. Can it continue?

                            I had a big (round number) birthday at the end of last year. Our closest friends have arranged a few surprises for me. One is still a mystery, the other was a mystery tour around Bristol last week which included 40 minutes for me to indulge myself in a few charity shops in between other venues. They know me well.

                            So these two represented my first finds of 2018

                            Ralph McTell – Not Til Tomorrow Been on the look out for this since being alerted to it on here a year or so ago. Had a couple of worrying looking scratches on it hence a cheap price at Oxfam but the scratches are benign and it play very well. A great start to the year!

                            King's Singers – Out Of The Blue Again, it is hanging around on this forum that has encouraged me to explore the King's Singers oeuvre. Picked up an album last year that had Girl Talk on it. A great track unfortunately it plays with a few pops and clicks. So seeing it on this album I thought I would mint up. The album has at least three other worthwhile tracks (although I need to play again to remind me which they are). Great cover too.

                            Yesterday was a charity shop bonanza. I spent over £60 in three shops. Granted that cost is in at least part due to the fact that the days of a £1 album in a charity shop are just about over, but this is probably the best one day haul I have ever had in the chazzas.

                            These were from the inner sanctum of a charity shop where they keep the stuff they take to fairs. So I had to be prepared to pay a bit more than front of shop prices.

                            Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers at Birdland – Ugestu. Fantasy/Riverside '83 reissue.

                            Gerry Mulligan – Age Of Steam. This is the only one I have played through so far. Excellent throughout.

                            Keith Jarrett – Facing You. ECM business.

                            Charlie Mingus – Intrusions.

                            Holly Near – Speed Of Light. Playing this as I type. Attracted by Evie Sands' name in production credits. Pleasant enough with some soulful and funky moments. Not convinced by Holly's voice which is rooted in folk really but there is at least one track on here that wouldn't be out of place on a Yacht Rock comp, or one of pH's mixes. Sort of a poor woman's Evie Sands or Carole King I suppose.

                            Jean Ritchie – Clear Waters Remembered. The second album of hers I have found in recent weeks. Folk/Bluegrass stuff.

                            Quite a few jazz-funk and and c1980 soul albums in one shop. I'm a sucker for that stuff still after growing up with it back in the day.

                            Lee Ritenour - Rit.
                            Bobby Womack – The Poet. You can't go wrong with Bobby although now I'm thinking I might have this already.
                            Harvey Mason – Groovin' You
                            Lonnie Liston Smith – Dreams Of Tomorrow.

                            So, on the way down the road one of the shops was closed with a note on the door saying “back at 13.30”. By the time I went back up the road I had had a call from wife and daughter requesting a pick up from the shops. Did I have time to call back into the shop on the way back up the road? Just about I thought, it is a one box shop so shouldn't take a minute. Am I glad I dropped in! As I was paying for this lot the girl said “I thought these wouldn't hang around long, they only came in this morning”. Right place, right time!

                            The Who Sell Out. Mono 1st press.

                            Arthur Conley – Shake Rattle & Roll. That iconic UK Atlantic label.

                            Dead Kennedys – Holiday In Cambodia. 12” single. Has been a hole in my small but treasured punk collection for ever.

                            Dead Kennedys – Give Me Convenience Or Give Me Death. Compilation c/w booklet and flexi.

                            45s mainly mid60s soul on UK labels. I get the impression these might have been from some sort of record shop originally. All in plastic sleeves mostly labelled and records removed from the company sleeves. All in sparkling condition.

                            And last, but not least:

                            Pink Floyd – Piper At The Gates Of Dawn. UK Columbia Mono 1st press! It needs a clean but I am optimisitc. I have needle dropped the areas where there are a few scuffs and light scratches and there is nothing ugly. (The first time I have used this emoji. I am not sure of the etiquette surrounding it's use. I take it to mean anything that is a bargain and no more than £4. This album cost me £2.99).

                            In my haste and amid a bit of shaky hand I now wonder if I missed something. I should go back today, but it will be too late I'm sure.


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                              Nice one Candiman!
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