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    Snow Day for me today. Made it to work yesterday, but my trains home got cancelled, so it was bus back to nearest town and then a 40mins walk over snowy fields to get home. DIdn't fancy doing same again today, so I took a day's leave. Which has, in turn, given me a bit of free time to sort through recent acquisitions. Have to say, I've spent most of the day making sure our garden was welcoming to the birds, never seen so many on our back garden and some very infrequent visitors.

    Anyway, back to the round-up of vinyl. These are from the last month or so and, due to my turntable going kaput, they've all been backed up a bit. Usual sources of lengthy waddles round charity shops, regular visits to Rob's Record Mart, Grantham Market, Anarchy and so on.

    The above selection all came from a long slog round charity shops last week. Think I'll keep the Dankworth LP, but the others are all destined for my next freebies selection (hopefully Easter weekend). The BBC LP is all choir stuff and the Musical Abilities one will most likely be useful for dialogue samples.

    From the same afternoon chazza trawl. Can't really resist a bit of Trouble Funk and it still riles me that Go-Go isn't better regarded. The 12" is War 'Galaxy', probably destined for my mate. The Ray Bryant is a bit too jazz-funk / Howard Moon for me, so that's heading for one 'Out' pile or the other. And the Roots LP is obviously just one of those where I wanted to give the charity a quid so that I could pad out my next round of freebies on here.

    Four more from the chazzas last week. Ann Odell is one of those early/mid 70s UK SSW albums with all the right session bods and is nearly there, but ultimately wimps out. One decent track I reckon, but the rest is a bit too wilfully 'quirky'. Don Lusher was a purchase with the VV nostalgia button being pressed - will be in the freebies too!. Tubby (a later pressing) and Tony, though nice to find in a chazza, will both be off down the market I would imagine.

    The above were all from Rob's recently, over the course of a few weeks. The Barbara Dickson is a spare copy of the cheapo method of getting some of her early folky / funky stuff, as Rob chucked it in for free for me, I'll punt it on for free too. Haven't seen the Little Richard LP for ages, so I'll hang on to it this time.Giving the Radiophonic one more chance, but don't be surprised if it ends up as a trade. Due to turntable issues, haven't had chance to listen to Terry Reid yet. I'm exercising caution.

    Also from Rob's. Not exactly rarities, but I'm enjoying accelerating my 80s 12"s purchases.

    These were from Rob's yesterday. Obviously, managed to nip in there before getting my bus out of Nottingham. Vinyl comes before self-preservation! Not had chance to listen to any of it yet. However, I've already got the MFP version of Terry Reid (which can now be punted on) and the 12" is Zapp 'More Bounce to the Ounce', which I'll give to my mate.

    The two on the left came from Rob's. Not had chance to check Ram John Holder yet, but I had the 'Brixton' one years and years ago. The other two came in trades from the market (which I can pretty much guarantee won't be taking place tomorrow morning!), that copy of the Black Album is the exact same issue I had when it first appeared (no idea where it went), proper Proustian rush on seeing and hearing it (Fiona Clements, where are you now?!)

    Also acquired from the market (in trades). Making Depeche Mode one of my 'missions' as well. Not a universally popular choice, but they also bring back a lot of memories.

    The Traffic (Pink Rim) came from Rough Trade's tiny second-hand section and was very cheap, considering. The other three came from Anarchy last week. Not convinced by the Polish LP, but will give it another go before deciding. Harry Roche was, again, a total VV nostalgia purchase and will probably be recycled round these here parts. Nirvana, well, I ummed and ahhed (it was more than the psychological barrier price of a tenner), but then it actually came on the radio in the shop while I was mulling it over. That spooked me enough to take the hint.

    And I found this in the garage of the offices where I work. Strange timing as I'd just had to sell mine (for parts / repair), so I contacted the lady who was storing the stuff and she was willing to sell it to me. What she asked for wasn't realistic, based on condition and how much I've got to spend to get it up to spec (I've already spent £60 on various bits), but she was happy enough with my considerably lower offer. So, with a few more hours of fiddling about and using on-line tutorials and advice, I should be able to get this set up pretty well to at least tide me over til I can afford summat higher spec / brand new. Will see how it goes. Sounded pretty good when I got it going last Sunday though, just needs to get back into regular use again I reckon.

    Hope everyone is doing Ok, despite what the storms are throwing at us. Let's be careful out there.

    Jet Boy stole my baby.

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    Originally posted by Benicio Del Toffo View Post
    I've spent most of the day making sure our garden was welcoming to the birds, never seen so many on our back garden and some very infrequent visitors
    Don't want to take this straight off topic, but, me too - just been watching a coal tit foraging, which I've not seen in the garden before

    North of the River Cole


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      No response on my request for info on this. So I opted to punt $3 on it. Sleeve = VG+, maybe. Vinyl varies; first LP has a semi-serious edge warp and lots of crackle.

      Youtube dude reckons this is proto-Eno ambient. Early exposure suggest that that is a fair assessment (although I only know "Music for Airports" and "Index of Metals"). Two obvious differences. First, this is fairly strong with the field sound overlay. Second, amidst the wash of synth noise there are occasional plinky-plonk moments; these break the mood a bit.


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        sorry, typed a reply but didn't post it.

        I read about this being great quite early on in my digging days but took a few years to find a copy, so I've hung on to it (even found and sold a spare later), but can't really remember it at all. Probably will make it give up the shelf space at some point. I think I wanted it to be better, and it felt a disappointment after Carlos' classical LPs


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          Not to worry.

          I've done a rip and de-click and it is good enough. Double LP, so I have no qualms about the $3. Quite possibly not a keeper, but I know someone who will probably be curious to hear the rip.


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            Fresh things I've found charity shops and one thing I bought in a proper shop

            A sweet flexi find on the front of an old Private Eye

            Teach yerself ballet kit with added paperwork

            including a quite strict returns policy

            From the same box, the artwork on the sleeve of this German pressing makes it another dance related LP

            A fairly obscure library music album on Oak, however it really doesn't sound in the least bit African

            A red label Trailer Records collection of Ye Olde Geordie songs

            I have found a right hotchpotch of weird singles recently and certainly none weirder than this!

            A one-sided, white label test pressing from the early 70's at a guess : download the beast

            A pair of football records I don't think I already have, the Brighton one is a 12" btw

            I probably paid more for this lovely new picture disc than all the other records above put together

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              Originally posted by Head Gardener View Post
              including a quite strict returns policy

              Wow, that's something to scan and add to your eBay/Discogs sellers conditions!
              "This is Modpowerpopsouljunkierock´n´roll so stop post shit like Jethro Tull, Pink Floyd, Grace Jones , Led Zeppelin and some other boring blues stuff, that kind of music don´t belong in this group, if I´ll ever see shit like that posted in this group again that person will be banned from this group forever!!!!"


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                a nice find out & about today

                turns out to be a scarce, early issue with the track Livin' Lovin' Woman mis-credited as Livin' Lovin' Wreck
                I imagine Peter Grant blew a fuse when he discovered that cock-up!

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                  Entry on Discogs makes it look very promising. Can you say just how much of a find it is?


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                    It may be subjective but I don't think it's as much of a find as Suck The Cat's Brains Out


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                      I found time to drop into a non-local chazzer today. No sooner had I done telling a chatty South African mining engineer that I rarely found anything then I found this.

                      My memory of it from Youtube is that it isn't mega. Well worth $3.50 though. V = Ex+ (top end thereof (only visual at this stage, mind)). Sleeve = ditto.

                      I also punted $3.50 on "Hit Parade 1963". The draw being "Let's Turkey Trot" by Barbara Moore & the Pop Paraders. Is it the Barbara Moore? Discogs suggests 'yes'. My guess is, though, that it will be too early. Probably a freebie here or locally..
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                        And this yesterday in a trade. Note the non-LP tracks on the B side.

                        There is a live version of "Sunspot" on Youtube. I haven't checked for "Horizon". IIRC "Horizon" has been covered by a classical constellation.


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                          Just listening to it on Youtube now. "Tuesday's Child' (second track) pretty good, really: a medium-paced dancer. "Thursday's Child" pleasantly bluesy.

                          Possibly a keeper!

                          Still, I suppose that if someone were to dangle a carrot of sufficient size...


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                            A couple of nice surprises one from chazza and one from car boot today.

                            The Supremes - Floy Joy. Plays a lot better than it looks. Post Diana Ross - which is good, but nevertheless I wasn't expecting much beyond the singles. But the whole album is pretty good. Smokey on production. The Supremes were in flux at this point. According to Wikipedia the front cover shot includes a pregnant Lyda Laurence who was being brought in to replace Cindy Birdsong, but she doesn't sing on the album The trio featured are Mary, Jean and Cindy. Really like Oh Be My Love which is a much more upbeat version of a lovely Miracles song that KikI Dee (among others) did a great and much more moody version of.

                            Avon Cities - Current AC. In the past I have been seduced by their sleeves and the fact they are a local band and they exude Old Duke (Bristol). They are too trad for me to get much enjoyment from listening at home, best live in a pub setting. But here I am buying another of their albums, and it hasn't even got a cool cover this time. Mostly in the trad vein again but Dr Caligari was a nice surprise

                            Joe Jackson - Big World Now why would you release a double album containing 15 tracks and then choose to press it on only three sides of a double album? I had to buy this for 50p so I could ask this question.

                            In other news, this month I have mostly been accumulating Mojo. Jeff Beck - Wired (some good jazz rock fusion), and possibly Jefferson Starship - Red Octopus, will be the only ones I won't be moving on. I am partial to Supertramp, but I already have these.


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                              Originally posted by candiman View Post

                              Joe Jackson - Big World Now why would you release a double album containing 15 tracks and then choose to press it on only three sides of a double album? I had to buy this for 50p so I could ask this question.
                              actually, I think I'd rather this happened more often for albums that are in the 45-65 minute range - too long for a single album, not long enough for a double. Spreading CD-era albums over four sides means a lot of side changing. I'd rather the fourth side had an etching or some bonus tracks or something.

                              Only have "Breakfast In America" (which has some great tracks on), never risked buying any of the others. Supertramp were one of the groups that played at my mum's school at the end of year party or Christmas party or something when my mum was a teacher in the early 70s. Guess it would have been between the second album and the third. Also Roxy Music who tried to get out of the booking, having got successful in the intervening period between being booked and the show.

                              Was meaning to check out Kate & Anna McGarrigle a while back, but only got as far as listening to "Heart Like a Wheel" on youtube which was a real letdown after the brilliant Zoe Muth cover: