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  • First off, a trip to Prague and a decent bargain bin meant I could pick up some interesting looking Czech releases just because I fancied the covers. Ah those were the days.

    I really like the art of Josef Lada so this was straight into my record bag. Valdaufinko, hraj!

    A lovely bit of 70s design by Stanislav Lorenz, Ostravanko Hraj!

    I love a bit of national costume too, always a good indicator on a folk record, Mistříňanka ‎– V Mistříně Na Dolině:

    He just looks happy, hell it was Kč20 so I took a chance. Josef Zíma - Sejdeme Se Na Vlachovce:

    And being Eastern Europe there was a load of 70s Europop nonsense smuggled over the Iron Curtain from Germany which I also snaffled up.

    Willi Klein ‎– Tschingderassa-Bumm:

    Telly Savalas ‎– Some Broken Hearts Never Mend:

    The (non-charting) German version of Hylda Baker & Arthur Mullard ‎– You're The One That I Want / Save Your Kisses For Me​​​​​​​:

    The (non-charting) Spanish version of Manuel ‎– Shaddup You Face:

    The (chart topping!!!) German version of Joe Dolce ‎– Shaddap You Face where Ultravox's Vienna only managed to reach number 14:

    Lee Marvin / Clint Eastwood ‎– Wand'rin Star / I Talk To The Trees:

    Another Czech find, from my comedy album provider of choice when all else fails, Spike Jones And His City Slickers ‎– Spike Jones Murders Them All​​​​​​​:

    I visited a new record shop in Manchester, Vinyl Resting Place on the top floor of Afflecks, and picked up from this corner, seemingly created just for me:

    All very reasonably priced and a wide range of genres. I picked up the following two, Sir John Betjeman ‎and Jim Parker – The Poet Laureate Sir John Betjeman's Britain...​​​​​​​:

    ...and Brian Cant & Freddie Phillips ‎– Come To Chigley:

    Plenty of football nonsense ahead of the World Cup, including a Don Revie effort courtesy of The Squad, The Magnum Brass ‎– Here We Are, England Football Song:

    The best English club squad ever assembled? Discuss... 76/77 Liverpool Football Team ‎– We Can Do It:

    Joey from Bread and the most Scouse thing ever? Discuss... Liverpool Football Team / Peter Howitt ‎– Kenny D. - The Pride Of Liverpool:

    The best after dinner speaker in the known universe? Don't discuss... Bob "The Cat" Bevan ‎– One Flew Over The Bar:

    Now boring people rigid as commentators, Glenn & Chris ‎– Diamond Lights:

    A lovely 1958 picture sleeve ep, Charlie Drake ‎– Hello My Darlings​​​​​​​:

    A Quixotic effort from Bob Newhart ‎– The Windmills Are Weakening:

    Norfolk goodies from psych folkie and comedy ditty writer, John Crisp ‎– A Weekend In East Anglia:

    John Crisp ‎– Lovely Norfolk Dumplings:

    John Crisp ‎– Farmer On A Bike:

    The Downstairs Lounge


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      Just as Britain withdraws from Europe, Agnes bravely dips a toe into the vast and daunting realm of humorous records from the continent.
      Even more bewildering than usual, Agnes. Thank you.


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        • Originally posted by candiman View Post
          Like to know how you get on with Melanie, an early one of hers made me shudder last year. I'll pass in future and just be happy living with the memory of Brand New Key.
          Didn't get on with her none at all... found the album to be boring and her voice annoyed me. She's back in a charity shop rack.


          • Originally posted by candiman View Post
            This Folky business is drawing me in

            A good find in the charity shop yesterday. Battered and plays with some crackle but the strength and beauty of the songs shines through.
            Lots of good stories and characters on this and a twitchers delight with plenty of bird species of the feathered variety getting a mention.

            (Dave Goulder & Liz Dyer)

            I have just dug this out to give it another listen and have now realised the record inside is not January Man but The Raven And The Crow, which seems to be even rarer/more collectable.

            Whole album is here:

            First and last tracks are both crackers in different ways.