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    A few recent charity buys, most from Oxfam so a bit more than the usual 25 or 50p each I like to pay...

    Click image for larger version  Name:	 Views:	1 Size:	117.3 KB ID:	1046025

    R D Burman - Caravan - Bollywood, not played yet (needs a PVA-ing) but I know there's a couple of very nice songs on here: "Piya Tu Ab To Aja" by Asha Bhosle (and, going by the sleeve credits, Burman himself doing the male parts) and "Dilbar Dil Se Pyare" by Lata Mangeshka

    crazy dancing too:

    Khaiyyaam - Kabhi Kabhie - not expecting much from this one, but these were the only two Bollywood soundtracks in the shop and you never know...
    Seldiy Bate And Nigel Bourne - Pagan Easter: Ritual Music For The Spring Equinox - from 1987 and on a Genesis P Orridge related label, apparently. The sort of thing you wish it had been recorded 10 or 20 years earlier, but doesn't suffer too much from 80s sounds.
    Alejandro Jodorowsky ‎– El Topo - soundtrack on Finders Keepers. Not played this yet, or seen the film...

    Click image for larger version  Name:	 Views:	1 Size:	134.4 KB ID:	1046026

    Telephone Bill and the Smooth Operators - Pretty Slick, Huh? - this is a bit odd, I think it's folkies trying something different. It's got some nice bits but not a keeper.
    Jim Stafford - Spiders and Snakes - been posted before on here. Some good tracks (L.A. Mamma, Last Chant, Swamp Witch) but the rest is too novelty/comedy. Will be on a freebie thread at some point in the future, or shout if you want it
    Carroll Thompson - Hopelessly In Love - classic UK lovers rock era reggae, in usual reggae condition, going to give it a PVA-ing.
    The Mike Moran Band - spare for a freebies thread. Bit of an odd one - mid 70s, and has a funky version of Ode To Billie Joe, also various swing/jazz type tunes (e.g. Caravan). Lots of UK sessioners on this - Barry Morgan, Clem Cattini, Alan Parker, Herbie Flowers, etc. Think Caravan and Fever might be good on this as well, but not played for a while
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      thanks for the NOTC info, I certainly won't open it now!
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        Originally posted by Boi Bach o Bethel View Post

        Nice job with the Dilliau Taze..... lovely stuff a favorite on my turntable
        Cheers mate. If you see a picture sleeve for it I would like one please as mine is sleeveless. Liking the subject that it is about and would love to see a translation. Cheers


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          Jazz ain't dead!


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            Was this the 80s film where everyone goes blind? Sort of a semi rehash of the Day of the Triffids conceit. I seem to remember the cover promised gore but it's people with big perms running about deserted cities. Good watch from memory but can't remember the OST but I expect it's got an 80s TD vibe.

            Originally posted by Viva Chiba View Post
            Yeah, sounds pretty synthy, with some period guitar wanking - the whole film is on Youtube and I just had a quick skim through.

            Sounds OK in context, but unremarkable - probably the reason neither of us recalled it. If I had been doing a reissue of the OST, I'd have issued a 2nd LP with the instrumental score on it though, as well as the 80's pop gubbins on the first LP...

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              I crossed state borders into Solothurn to check out some charity shops over there... here's what I found. Some of them are definitely just journeying through while others will stay like the Srdjan LP.

              Click image for larger version

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              in the Soul Hits sleeve was actually this and it's not bad at all.

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              ​'Qui est Barbara' is a record that was sponsored by the Swiss army advertising the army assistance service for females. It has one beaty track on it. As I have this already I'm happy to part with it if anyone wants it let me know. I also found two copies of the Fox and Marc Hamilton's 'Tapis magique' (not pictured). If anyone fancies any of those three let me know in the thread and I'll send it your way as a freebie.
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                Couldnt refuse an instant Stockhausen collection. pound each. Many still sealed...


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                  Also aquired this fantastic BB lp. I have most of his solo stuff but this one has eluded me. Fantasric line up. With The Hawk and Big Jim...This one is a Mono first pressing and looks unplayed. Not as good as Voyager or the Drama Montage Red Brutons in my opinion but some cracking tracks nonetheless...More than happy to pay the fiver to the seller who seemed to have overlooked the lp as a Shadows related arrangement...


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                    A little while back I had Stockhausen on at work to drown out background chat. Suddenly, and for about two minutes, there was an alright bit.

                    True story.


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                      Congratulations. I imagine that, at a pound a pop, you will recoup your outlay. If it comes to that.


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                        Going to keep most of the Stockhausen. Got a few of them already so will move duplicates on. Hes an interesting composer. Need to be in the right mindset though.


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                          Ok, this is slightly disingenuous as I'm pretty sure a couple of these came from way back in the mists of summery August.

                          I'm supposed to be easing off a wee bit on the purchases, so I've done a fair bit of trading etc., to save pennies. Yet still found myself tip-tapping away on eBay or being overcome by 'the fever' in Rough Trade. Hey ho, it's an addiction and I'll feed it.

                          I love Justice. This is a sort of revisit of their career, bringing it together in the shape of one of their typical current live sets. I don't know many artists that have the timing that they have in terms of building a tune, dropping in / dropping out. Always makes me miss getting spangled though. Nowadays, with creaking bones and a creeping sense of mortality, Sleep are actually more my pace. I don't seem to be able to spread the word and convince many folk about Sleep, but that's Ok, I'm happy for them to be my own personal thing. The power of the riff, the riff played deliberately, monotonously, with killer drums and almost every lyric being a paean to weed - awesom. And the bottom two (both acquired from Rob's Records, where I'm on a particularly barren run) are much more your VG+ kind of thing. Herbie's torso being mercifully absent from this cover.

                          From my trading down Grantham Market, I've been able to kick-start my New Order collection. I've resisted New Order for a long time as I'm just not a fan of Barney's voice. But, due to some lobbying from mates, the penny has finally dropped. Thanks also to Shere Khan for sorting me out with 'Movement' - a lovely copy which will be much appreciated.

                          Also from my visit to the Market. I've always struggled with 'Exile....', but thought I'd give it another go as Brian had this great copy. As I'm off to see MC50 in November, I'm raising my MC5-related game, you can't mess with 'City Slang' on Sonic's Rendez-vous. I'm sure it's pretentious to say so, but I reckon 'Reproduction' is Human League's best work.I picked The Cure up for my mate, but failed to check whether both LPs were inside. Ho hum. Knobhead.

                          Nina also came from my market trading. Arctic Monkeys came off eBay (was sure I'd already done this one on a previous Finds post, but maybe not) - should definitely hit the spot with Plussers, drawing influences from many of the celebrated icons from this forum. And, just so that it doesn't come across like I'm only shopping online or in proper shops, I picked up Arthur Lyman from British Heart Foundation, but it was only ever intended to be a freebie for someone (when I've had chance to build that pile up again!).

                          Depeche Mode from eBay - you wouldn't believe how hard it is to win auctions of DM stuff! Man they must have some committed fan-base - I get outbid all the time. So, was pleased to finally 'win' 'Violator' and within the price I was willing to go to from the outset. DFA1979 was also from eBay, loved this album since I first heard it many many years ago, but only ever had the CD, so it's been nice to rectify that situation. My gifts to myself this week (after a right bogger of a week at work) were the newly beautified Axelrod classics. Am yet to listen to these and may well hold off until I get round to buying myself some ace headphones, so that I get the full, over-whelming aural experience (having pimped and tweaked my turntable set-up to the point where every incremental change has made a tangible, revelatory difference). So long since I sat down and unleashed 'Song of Innocence', so I'm really looking forward to this.

                          And, in a desparate attempt to reclaim my digging credentials, here's a few cheapies that I picked up yesterday. Jasper was from a chazza, the other three from Rob's. Not had chance to listen to any yet as we're currently in DIY / Home Improvement hell. Everything has a layer of brick / plaster dust. If I get the Dyson out (which also has a layer of dust), I can make temporary in-roads, but an hour later, I can feel grit under my feet again. For someone who's a touch OCD, it's becoming an ordeal! So, vinyl's staying off the turntable for the most part. Anyway, I'm hoping the (San Francisco, not Nottingam) 'Rock City' has some interesting post-punk or No Wave stuff, but it could just as easily be twaddle. I'm guessing Head Gardener has had several copies of Country Folk as it's a private press school band thing from Southwood School (Corby Grammar), it has the faint whiff of acid folk potential but, again, could just as easily be twaddle.

                          That's yer lot. I'm sticking the kettle on and settling in for the last two epsiodes of 'The Plague' - keep it grim.

                          Jet Boy stole my baby.


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                            Originally posted by Benicio Del Toffo View Post

                            what is it about organ records with girl and car on the cover...


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                              Slim pickings from a quick rummage at the Shirley record fair this morning:

                              North of the River Cole


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                                Early autumn booters aren't too bad, strangely more wax about than at the smouldering apex of summer.

                                Took a chance on this exotic oddity for 20p this morning and was very happy to discover it sounded like this. Straight into the DJ box it goes... Swingin'!!!