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    Clearly not a charity shop with the foresight to get someone to check through their vinyl before they put it out
    Several stellar finds there. What condition's the Edgar Broughton in?


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      Enough to get the heart racing. Some great finds.

      49p a pop and no pre-screening. Where do you live? I'm getting the estate agent around in the morning!


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        Originally posted by Mactheruss View Post
        Clearly not a charity shop with the foresight to get someone to check through their vinyl before they put it out
        Several stellar finds there. What condition's the Edgar Broughton in?
        the charity shop warehouses I frequent distribute to other shops so they get a lot of stuff in - they also have a blanket price of 49p for LPs and 29p for singles.
        They get fresh stuff in everyday and it's on the after school run home so I'm usually in first thing most days mid-week. The EB was VG+ but it's not everyday
        I find such stuff to be honest - there are still car boots here until mid November too!
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          Three for this month ...

          * Various ‎– Chocolate Soup For Diabetics Volume 2 ... includes Wimple WinchRumble On Mersey Square South, which I love
          * Michel Legrand ‎– La Dame Dans L' Auto Avec Des Lunettes Et Un Fusil (The Lady In The Car With Glasses And A Gun) 2003 re-issue. Never heard it before but it's classic, catchy Legrand. Echoes of Digadingding or whatever it's called
          * P Hall ‎– Industrial Blue - this was heavily discounted from Disk Union. Some lovely tracks on here, but not sure if it's a keeper.
          "White paper inner sleeve is pristine ..."


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            Went to pick up the car in the morning after having a drink the evening before and Age Concern was just opening so was first one in the shop to go through a new box they'd just got in, pound a pop

            left about half a dozen Queen albums there


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              Skeleton Tree? In a chazzer? I'm moving back to the old country!!
              That's quite a haul, especially if you don't keep them all.
              Nothing I'd have wanted for myself, but not to be left there ....
              "White paper inner sleeve is pristine ..."


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                It's Hanoi Rocks or nothing for me.
                "You don't want to kill the cash donkey"


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                  none of that noisy heavy metal for me, the tip shop had a collection of 80s 12"s in nice condition. About the second record I saw was Oliver Cheatham "Get Down Saturday Night" (sampled loads of times by unoriginal dance producers), sadly a lot of the rest turned out to be just pop (like "A-Ha" - no thanks), but did pick up a nice slow one The Cool Notes "Never Too Young" (band includes the parents of Bradley from S-Club-7!), Club House "Do It Again Billie Jean" - strange Italian mashup of Steely Dan and Michael Jackson (interesting, but not sure I'll keep...), and Karen Young "You Don't Know What You've Got... Till You Lose It" (sounds much better pitched down, but not totally sold on this). Also upgraded to the 12" (only had the 7") of SOS Band "Just Be Good To Me". Left a few other nice things I already had (Central Line "Nature Boy" and Rockers Revenge, not sure anyone interested as freebies, but I love them). And after checking youtube the decision to leave behind Sandy Marton "People of Ibiza" (evidently a huge club hit in 1984), was definitely the right one, although his pronunciation of "Ibiza" is amusing...

                  Also bought Jeff Wayne and Rick Wakeman having a synthy stab at Holst's The Planets (on Telstar of all labels), has it's moments but probably heading out again. Also a really terrible KPM (1300) - the cover has a drawing of a superhero fist smashing a record, which is probably about right, assuming it's this one they're smashing.


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                    Not at the tip shop, but found a big load of pretty terrible Major Minor LPs in a charity. Such a strange label, and they always manage to make everything look cheap. No "Guitar Party" or "Beat Party" sadly, but there was Fiachra Trench "Organ Time" - probably not a keeper though. Checking Discogs, he later went on to partner with Ian Levine to inflict a load of Hi-NRG onto the world, and also wrote the arrangements for "Fairytale of New York" and "I Don't Like Mondays". Also Thin Lizzy's "A Song For While I'm Away", so maybe he's forgiven.

                    Also Classical Vibrations - this one is arranged Johnny Pearson and produced John Schroeder. Some nice bits, the version of Warsaw Concerto is a highlight, but probably going back out. An odd series, hardly ever see these about. Also Singers Unlimited - Eventide on MPS - have kept 2 or 3 of theirs, but this is probably too much


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                      The past few days have turned up some quite unusual things, like this album which I nearly left in a £1 bin but thought
                      I'd take a punt on and was so pleased I did as it's really nice. I did some deeper searching on the artist and he's gone on
                      to do TV themes for everything from The Windsors to the ITV News and loads more, this was his debut album.

                      Luckily my copy isn't as scratched as this track sounds on Youtube


                      The one below was in the same box but wasn't half as good.

                      I met with Trunk Records label boss Jonny Trunk earlier in the week to discuss a forthcoming book on flexi-discs we are
                      putting together with DJ Food for publication in the new year. After I was waffling on about flexis and Milton Keynes radio
                      he suddenly said how much he'd been looking for a Milton Keynes related flexi which I quite fortunately had a spare copy of.
                      So he very kindly offered to swap it for his new soundtrack album which landed on my doorstep the day after.
                      He was a lovely chap and I look forward to the book launch sometime around March 2019 at The British Library in that London.

                      This is the video I put up a while back featuring the music on it, don't be surprised if it turns up on a future Trunk release.


                      I couldn't resist this pair of signed old folk albums, by old folk no doubt.

                      I came across this unusual 7" slipped between some rubbish records in a box in a shop, I couldn't find anything
                      about it anywhere but it seems like it was a special pressing for the birthday party of the lady on the cover. She was
                      married to Tommy Tucker, who I assume is the same one who hit the charts in the early 60's with Hi Heel Sneakers
                      and their friends must have got together to make a one off single to celebrate her special day, it's a likely theory unless anyone knows more?

                      My best auction win of the week (for £6 + commission) were 2 x Century 21 albums from the mid 60's
                      that were both in beautiful, excellent+ condition. I have seen other copies before but they are usually pretty
                      well played and scratched as those pesky kids just didn't think to look after their records back in '65.
                      But it seems likely these were only played a couple of times and stored which is most unusual for Century 21 records.

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                        nice finds! I've been listening to a lot of late 70s/80s synth libraries recently, I think it's my favourite library genre. There's an user on youtube called "Sonne Image" who's uploaded tons of stuff, although a not insignificant number are basically Jean-Michel Jarre knockoffs to avoid paying royalties.

                        also that Wilma 45 is very interesting - what is the song like? the horn players are all fairly well known jazz players


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                          Originally posted by bongolia View Post
                          that Wilma 45 is very interesting - what is the song like? the horn players are all fairly well known jazz players
                          will try and get it ripped, hold that thought

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                            Been an interesting week, find wise.
                            First a bunch it seemed silly to leave in our local record shop's £1 boxes ...
                            Bo Hansson I'd never owned but I like LOTR so thought the pixie noodling would be up my street. It's OK but of its time.
                            Ellis Beggs and Howard - I liked the cover, which had a steampunk feel to it. The music, sadly didn't, but if you like Level 42 meets Simple Minds with musical chops but no songs to speak of, you might get on with it.
                            The others are quality stuff but fairly ropey vinyl. Don Amarati has its jazzy Steely Dan-sequel moments.
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                              Next, one of our chazzas had helpfully decided to do their LPs at four for a quid which allowed cheapskates like me to take a punt on some classic VG+ fare and a few other bits and pieces of interest.
                              Best finds from what I've listened to so far are The Happy Day Choir's Good Feelin's on Stateside from 1969 - funky gospel choir treatments of the likes of Mrs Robinson, California Dreamin', Son of a Preacher Man, Hey Jude and more; the Alas Smith & Jones duologues, which usually have their moments; and my first BBC Transcription Service LP. OK, it may be a children's story of Thomas the Tank Engine ilk but still


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                                Originally posted by Mactheruss View Post
                                Level 42 meets Simple Minds
                                Or Kajagoogoo, even. They had one good tune, Big Bubbles, No Troubles? Think The Chart Show must have played it a lot back in da day, as it's stuck with me.