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    Originally posted by Funky Charly View Post

    Sir, that`s a big`un - Peter Ivers' Band With Yolande Bavan ‎– Knight Of The Blue Communion. Got hooked on the thing on hearing the teasing drumbreak lifted on Diplo and Tripledouble - Aeiou Two.

    All in all, this weirdo is a hell of a record!
    thanks - that's pretty crazy, not sure I was totally down with the lyrics but the band was very nice!


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      Originally posted by bongolia View Post

      I've got a bunch to post later, but one I think I didn't photograph was a Fivepenny Piece album "Wish You Were Here". There was one almost funky one with some wah-wah, but not a keeper. Nothing as good as "Lou-Lay-Lie" on Making Tracks anyway...

      Don't often see their records dahn sarf. They certainly made a lot of albums though.
      I live about five miles from the Fivepenny Piece epicentre. They are unavoidable in charity shops round here.
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        I punted on this online. It arrived yesterday. I'm not sure about it. The more overtly percussive tracks don't seem to work too well. The longer more ethereal tracks have their moments, but I don't know yet whether they stand up as compositions.